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QLS QA361 impression thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by audionewbi, Dec 1, 2017.
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  1. Forty6
    At last...i hope it's a long and interesting read .
    TQ bro for doing this
  2. Forty6
    Craving for QA361...
  3. geagle
  4. audionewbi
    The first draft is almost finished, as I'm typing this I'm also editing the review.
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  5. geagle
  6. audionewbi
    I'm feeling a bit under the weather, and cant' get a reliable headphone testing done in time. The review is already too long, so, for now, I will just edit and publish the review by this Sunday. I will keep this thread updated by regular impression afterwards, the same way I kept the Lotoo paw gold thread up and running. Sorry guys, getting there.

    I do believe long-term impression thread has a lot more to offer than a rapid review.
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  7. Forty6
    No worries no pressure and no stress bro , i would think everyone here in this 361 thread will appreciate your serious effort to do this for the community .

    It's a very time consuming work .
    Everyone of us understood that , don't rush into it , it's quality not quantity that counts .
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  8. Man in White
    We are looking forward to your impressions and comparisons with the same priced units.
  9. audionewbi
    Review done, posting now. I will post my periodic impression later, as times goes, I get to try it with different gears.
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  10. audionewbi
  11. geagle
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  12. audionewbi
    I should have been clear, the main source i compared 361 against .
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  13. audionewbi
    I’m waiting for the red/gold microsd to arrive. I’m now an official convert.
    I should focus on stock FW but without a separate unit it’s hard.
  14. gr8soundz
    Nice review.

    Don't need another DAP but the QA361 may be next on my list. I was already taking a closer look at it due to the amp output options and the price isn't nearly as bloated as other 'flagship' DAPs. Now the folder skip you mentioned has me further intrigued. Plus I already own the NT-1 amp that's currently stacked to my Revamp Acoustics P1 screenless DAP so I know what you mean by the unique, almost desktop sound quality such a pairing can have.

    I assume the All DSD feature upscales everything? Is it to DSD64 or 128?

    Also, aside from the Sound Mode filters, are there any EQ settings? I noticed an option called Tuning Mode in one of your pics.
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  15. audionewbi
    The technical aspect of this dap is unknown as the site isn’t yet fully translated into English. There is no EQ and the tunning setting is not something that you can hear easily. You can on sensitive multiple BA IEM but not on headphone.
    The DSD SRC is double DSD.
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