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QLS QA361 impression thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by audionewbi, Dec 1, 2017.
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  1. audionewbi
    Has anyone experimented with PCM to PCM upsampling?
  2. cleg
    unfortunately, I didn't have IE800, so no tests with any DAP
    anyway, I think they'll be OK with any DAP, if you add good IEMs to good DAP, what could go wrong? :)
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  3. customNuts
    words from a wise man.
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  4. customNuts
    So I went ahead with the qa361. Its very impressive. I have always been a bass lover, but over the years I have come to love neutrality - done right that is.But still with a musical flavour added in. I used to think neutral was thin, lifeless crap but have realised that when done correctly, its got full tight bass and extended sparkly treble.
    The qa361 is definitely neutral. The treble is excellent with a touch of sizzle which I love. Beautifully extended bass but still with some authority. Super clear, concise and fast, fast, fast.
    I do really like it - however it might be a touch too neutral for me...ymmv. I would really love a tiny bit more musicality. Maybe I'm spoiled!
    All in all, it definitely is the best dap Ive heard.
    And I'' add that it has improved for me with burn in. Definite improvement in the first 20hrs. Im only up to 25-30hrs so it might mature further.
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  5. customNuts

    Cleg, off memory, you've heard the ak380.... could you give a little comparison? Ive got DAP fever and Im thinking of getting a high end- more musical - cousin for my QA361.Do you think the 380 would fit that description?
  6. cleg
    to be honest, when I've tried AK380, I found it too colored, so in AK lineup I'd suggest AK320 more, it's more natural to my taste. moreover, subjectively, even SR15 I prefer more then AK380, it's a bit less resolving, but more natural sounding to me. so, if you want more "musical" representation, my suggestion is AK320 if it's still available, or SR15, or SP1000M, but it's much more expensive
    or, another option for "musical" representation — theBit OPUS#2, really worthy competitor
  7. unknownguardian
  8. customNuts
    Thank you mate. Actually I remember in one of your older reviews you stated you prefer the AK320 over the 380. The reason is the ak380's are on sale for $2g brand new as are the ak240's.
    Have you heard the SE100 sabredac? If so how does that compare to the qa361?
  9. customNuts
    Also I thought Id add that my qa361 has definitely improved imo over the first 40-50hrs. Its much less thin sounding and has really blossomed.
    And then I tried balanced.... Big improvement. much more coherent, solid and enveloping.

    Merry Christmas B%#CHES!!
  10. cleg
    no sense in buying AK380 for $2K, you can add few hundreds and get SP1000M that will beat AK380 :)
    as for SE100, it's pretty close in terms of signature to QLS361, and you wanted more "musical" DAP, so I'd suggest you to look at some other DAP
  11. lantian
    I am interested in this player, but since I have never heard this one before could anyone compare it to fiio x7 either gen or ibasso dx200 in pure sound quality, for both headphones and line out. Which of these has the best line out performance?
    Any help would be appreciated.
  12. margroth
    I have not heard the QLS 361, but I have the pleasure of using the QLS 360MOD.

    Its headphone out is great (comparing to the like of HM-901S and WM1A), with current/voltage mode. Yet, it does feel like lacking some treble extension.

    However, the line-out takes the QLS 360MOD above its competition, where it is clean, transparent, with more treble extension. Therefore, one of my friend has made a special cable (with a resistor and a volume control) to listen directly from the line-out of QLS 360MOD and so far, he liked it (until he made a new transportable R2R DAC/AMP with single AD1865N-K/dual TPA6120A2 and fell in love with it LOL).
  13. T.R.A.N.C.E.
    My house was broken into and me beloved QA360LE was stolen among many other things. So I'm unfortunately on the hunt for a new dap now.

    I'm tossing up between Sony WM1A, QA361, AK320, AK SR15, as these are all similar in price where I am. What do you think Cleg and audionewbi? Have about $900 USD to spend, any other recommendations?
    Last edited: Jan 1, 2019
  14. audionewbi
    I'm sad, as they will most likely never know what to do with it. Based on all things considered, my vote goes to WM1A, it is a powerhouse.

    I spend most of my holiday converting files into WAV, and putting it on QA361 in a meaningful way so it makes browsing easier. I bought a 256 GB microSD, which is plenty, however browsing on QA361 if you dont have it organised isn't easy. And to makes things worst, deciding how to convert the DSD files into PCM, while preserving its quality. Having a device that does all things natively certainly helps.

    QA361 sounds best as PCM, and I think it is best suited for testing IEM and listening to your favourite redbooks. I'm having so much fun pairing it with ER4S, so much fidelity in such simplicity, but switching to WM1A and listening to DSD, I can hear something that is on the same league, if not better.
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  15. T.R.A.N.C.E.
    I know such a waste of my poor QA360LE, they probably only took it because of the damned gold accents thinking it was expensive. They left behind several of my unused daps, like Pono and Teac P90SD, both of which sound quite good but have terrible interfaces and can pretty much only be used as play all or shuffle all players.

    My first instinct is also WM1A so I'm glad you agree.
    Last edited: Jan 1, 2019
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