QC 35 - Low volume
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Jul 26, 2017
I recently sold my Sony 1000 M3s as whilst they sounded good (after some EQ tweaks) and had excellent Noise Cancelling, I found them uncomfortable and more specifically they cooked my ears.

The QC35s *mk iis) are so comfortable, the sound out of the box is pretty decent but my one bug-bear is the volume is low compared to the Sony's and others. On my iPhone 11 Max for example close to full volume on the Bose is about the same as 50% on the Sony's (tested side by side before I sold them) On the surface it should not be a problem, just crank the volume up right? I just find it a little disconcerting to have the volume close the maximum. Anybody else experiencing this with their QC35s?

I did have half an eye on the NC700s but the lack of folding put me off, wondering now though if they share the volume charactreristics of the QC35s?

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