1. N

    QC 35 - Low volume

    I recently sold my Sony 1000 M3s as whilst they sounded good (after some EQ tweaks) and had excellent Noise Cancelling, I found them uncomfortable and more specifically they cooked my ears. The QC35s *mk iis) are so comfortable, the sound out of the box is pretty decent but my one bug-bear is...
  2. Uzair

    Which pair of headphones is better for noise reduction? 380pro/QC35ii

    I need a new pair of headphones to reduce noise for studying. I had Sennheiser HD380 pro a few years ago that died, and I remember it having somewhat decent noise isolation. Right now, the 380pro, Bose QC35ii and Sennheiser PXC450 are the only headphones I can buy quickly. Most video reviews...