1. S

    Sony WH-1000XM3 vs XM4

    Hi all I have a simple question. For anyone who has tried both headphones, my main concern is noise cancellation. I work in a very noisy office. With Black Friday approaching, it looks like I can get XM3s for £238.65 on Amazon and XM4s for £349 from Curry’s. There are other sites that offer the...
  2. N

    QC 35 - Low volume

    I recently sold my Sony 1000 M3s as whilst they sounded good (after some EQ tweaks) and had excellent Noise Cancelling, I found them uncomfortable and more specifically they cooked my ears. The QC35s *mk iis) are so comfortable, the sound out of the box is pretty decent but my one bug-bear is...
  3. Skycyclepilot

    Bose QC35-II Versus Sony 1000XM3 (Yeah, I Know :)

    I bought the QC35s because of their neutral sound signature, but I've run into a irreparable Bluetooth issue. There is a brief dropout every ten to fifteen minutes. Bose can't figure it out, and neither can I. I'm considering returning them and getting the Sony 1000XM3, but I'm concerned...
  4. raidendavidb

    Iem and / or over the ear headpone Recommendation

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking for some in ears and / or some over the ear headphones. I will be listening for fun and non critically on my commute and at work, but may also consider another pair to listen more critically when I am not busy. In the past I have used the klipsch x10, sennheiser ie8...
  5. E

    Need advice Sony wh-1000xm3 or Panasonic rp-hd600n/hd605n

    Hello guys. So I am planning to buy an ANC Headphone. Currently I am in Japan, I saw this panasonic rp-hd600n that sold around 21000 jpy (+-185 usd) and of course there sony wh1000xm3 which i heard really good in term of features, sound and anc, but the sony is around 32000 jpy (+-280 usd). So...