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Q Cable Impressions Thread

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  1. shotgunshane Contributor
    Brian recently contacted me about a new C/IEM cable he is thinking of offering. Yup, a Q Cables C/IEM cable no less. Until now, Q Cables have only been made for headphones, desktop and speaker applications. Since I'll be cross posting this in the BTG Audio Cables thread, let me take a brief detour of explanation for those not familiar with Q Cables and their construction:
    Q Cables are also known as the French Silk cable. The wire is type 2 litz copper construction with a pure silk wrap and French Silk braiding sleeve. The result is an extremely light and flexible cable even though a much larger gauge wire is used. No thermoplastic polymers are used, like on typical headphone and earphone cables, which means flexibility and weight really are on a different level with Q Cables.  This amounts no tangles, easy manageability and storage and minimal microphonics. 
    The Q Cables C/IEM demo cable Brian loaned me is 4 wire construction but overall size of the cable is comparable to many 8 wire C/IEM cables on the market with standard thermoplastic polymer sheathing. Due to the large gauge of the wire, termination options would be limited. Standard Q Cable plugs are of course available (in 3 different finishes), as well as Eidolic plugs, which are slightly larger than most other brands of IEM plugs and are able to accept the larger wire. The demo cable has Eidolic standard 2 pin connectors. I’ve yet to confirm with Brian if MMCX or FitEar connectors are feasible. The French Silk sleeving is available in brown or black standard but is available in over 200 colors for an up-charge. 
    The Q cable is easily double the size of the BTG Audio Starlight cables that Brian also builds under his other brand. Yet despite being so much larger, The Q cable feels so much more effortlessly flexible than the Starlight. The standard Q Cables plug is also much larger than my Starlight’s Oyaide right angle.  Also of note is that due to the Q Cables construction, a neck slider is just not possible above the Y-split; it would greatly alter the look and appeal of the design.  
    The lack of a neck slider brings me to the question of application. How and where would you use a Q Cables C/IEM cable? Brian and I both think the Q cable would perfectly at home in a desktop set-up for users that love to use their custom and universal IEMS mostly in their home set-up. That’s not to say you couldn’t use the Q cable on the go as well but the lack of a neck slider or memory wire means the cables can slip off from over the ear when you are in a lot of motion. The fit and construction of the IEM can play a large roll in this as well. When used with my old EarWerkz Supra and Legend, the Q cable would slip from over the ear from time to time with the Supra but never lost over ear fitment with the Legend, even when bending to pick something up or to put something in a bottom cabinet. 
    I feel confident that this will be a product Brian will be offering in the near future but hearing interest from some of you all, when considering a brand new product, would certainly help. Feel free to comment in this thread of reach Brian directly at either http://www.q-audio.com/contact/.
  2. BenHolmes
    Sign me up!!
  3. Pingupenguins
    Well that was quick. Lol. MMCX will be available. Fit ear, is not. :/
  4. BenHolmes
    I would definitely go for one of these if you offered it. And although you mention it would be more for home use, I would like to try and use mine on the go. 
    Also, why couldn't there be memory wire inserted above the ear? Yes it would hinder the weight of the cable, but only when it's off your ears. Plus, it could be an add-on option?
    Anyways, I'll grab one regardless![​IMG]
  5. Pingupenguins
    By all means go ahead. I'm looking at ways to make it more portable friendly in a Q-esq manner. Still haven't figured out a good solution, but hey, Steve didn't land on silk sleeve in a day. All started with brown cotton and a yellow trace. [​IMG]
    As for the memory wire, I really don't want to go the visible heat shrink route, but that seems like the only option for those who want it. 
  6. BenHolmes

    Thanks Brian, I've sent you a message. Happy to see what we can work out. I'm all for trying the memory wire and heat shrink but if you are worried about it, I'd rather stick with something your happy with.
  7. BlackNapalm
    Been a long time lurker, but I just wanted to leave a review for the great customer service provided by Brian at Q. I contacted Brian asking for a recommendation for my LCD-2’s, and he replied promptly with his personal recommendation. He also told me that there was a sale going on till May 29th which pushed me over the edge on a Q cable. I placed an order for a 2m black french silk cable for my LCD-2’s and received a tracking number 5 days later! Overall, I am very happy with the speedy process and look forward to purchasing more products from Brian.
  8. jtinto
    You'll be happy with the sound, look and feel of the cable too.
    I'm listening to my LCD-3 with my Q-cable right now [​IMG]
  9. Pingupenguins
    Glad to hear you guys are enjoying the cables! 
    @jtinto Did you get your cable on sale as well? 
  10. MP53
    And Q has my vote for best website!
    Intuitive, flexible, and polished!
  11. jtinto
    Heh Pingupenguins
    I ordered my brown silk from Steve Eddy in 2012.
    It's still going strong.
  12. Pingupenguins
    Thats a long time! I think Steve and I have changed quite a few aesthetic things about the cables since then, but glad to hear the design is still holding up! 
  13. ARB233
    My Q Audio cable just arrived for my LCD-3s.  First impression - the package felt too small and light...opened up the package and was shocked at how compact this 10ft cable was compared to the stock cables.  Extremely light weight and flexible, they feel incredible connected to the cans, as if they're not there.  I've always been on the fence as to whether cables will make a difference or not...popped it into the balanced output on the Dark Star and was immediately blown away by the difference.  Noticeable increase in bass and overall DR.  Love them!
  14. Pingupenguins
    Thanks Arb233! I've heard the stock cables being described as "garden hoses" before. I couldn't imagine why a $2000 headphone would come with a garden hose for a cable. :wink: 
  15. mowglycdb
    Does anyone know if Q-audio offers a xlr to 2.5 TRRS adaptor?
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