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PW Audio Cables Discussion Thread

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  1. aaf evo
    The ergonomics of the 4 wire PW Audio cables is fantastic.
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  2. kubig123
    Yes, no microphonic at all.
    Don’t have the Leo 2, but the sound signature is not the same, the Leo is slightly more transparent while the 1960 enhance the bad and mid. Both are great cables, it depends what are you looking for.
    If you are planning to use it with the Phantom, the 1960 is great for vocals, while the Leo extends the treble and has increase the resolution.
    IF you have money than go for the 1960 4 wire, it’s absolutely amazing with the Phantom, the soundstage is unbelievable.
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  3. dhc0329
    How thick is 4 wire? Is it thinner than janus d?
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  4. kubig123
    Definitely thinner and more supple that the Janus, I would compared to the Ares ll+ as thickness, but with better ergonomics.
    The problem is that cost more than the Phantom.
  5. aaf evo
    Oh yeah. Much better ergonomically and in size. The Janus is a monster and the thickest and most uncomfortable cable I’ve used.
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  6. kubig123
    It’s not the best ergonomic cable I have, but it’s not too bad either, i mostly use it at home, but I found that with ciems that have a very good seal the Janus it’s not too bad, while with others like the Phantom or the a6t that are quite light, the Janus becomes quite uncomfortable.
  7. dhc0329
    Alright fellas, tks for all your info. I will take this into consideration for my next move. :)
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  8. aaf evo
    Musicteck now stocks PW Audio cables :)
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  9. KuroKitsu
    The more popular stuff, so No 5. some of the entry level, Silver Gold, 1960s, 1950's iirc Andrew told me. A shipment arrived Friday afternoon, so order away folks if any tickle your fancy. Sadly stuff like the Blackicon Single Crystal Silver needs to be ordered directly from PWA. I ended up getting the No. 5. from Andrew and the Single Crystal Silver from MTMT Audio in Hong Kong which stocks everything listed on their site. My No. 5 is in hand but the Silver is stuck in express mail.

    That sad, considering the sound of PWA, there are surprisingly few reviews outside of the 1900 series.
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  10. Kitechaser
    1960s 2 wire incoming.
    Mmcx 4.4mm.
    I am really looking forward to seeing how it pairs with my RHA CL2 and WM1A.
    Hopefully its here next week.
    Can't wait.
  11. SeeSax
    I'm really liking the PW Audio "The Gold" 24, which I cannot tell if it is their new model or their old model, but either way it's great on my Tia Fourte. It's gold-plated silver, 24awg and is pretty high up the rank ergonomically. Sound gives a touch of warmth to the Fourte, but doesn't take away any of the treble extension which was the goal. Just a hint of warmth does wonders for the Fourte in my opinion.


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  12. Kitechaser
    20190516_150329.jpg Just got the 1960 2 wire cable. Loving it, this thing is a piece of art.
    Quick question, I am burning them in with pink noise, how long does the process take, and what kind of improvements did you guys see during the process.

    Add: about 50 hours in, and the sound of the cable has been fluctuating like crazy, but now I think it's over the hump. Beautiful textured bass, high resolution, perfect timbre, extended rich treble, soundstage is opening up and is pretty wide.
    I contacted PW Audio and they recommended at minimum 200 hours of burn in.
    So will report back after that is done.
    So far, one hell of a cable, almost sounds like a tube amp.

    Only negative thing I have to say is the cable slider is loose as hell, and does not stay in place.
    Last edited: May 21, 2019
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  13. waiho2k1
    I've got my PW Audio Loki last night and now pairing with my CA Solaris. I love this combination so much, it sounds much better than the ALO Reference 8 cable. Gets deeper bass and more clarity for mids and high, moreover I can feel the "sound pressure" from my Solaris now. Only drawback is slightly heavier, but not as heavy as my ALO SXC 8 cable....
  14. hkhkfan
    PW Audio just released NEW series - MONILE in Hong Kong. There are different versions...
    1. Monile standard version.
    2. Monile shielding version.
    3. Monile feature 50s version.
    4. Monile feature 60s version.

    Following Monile version is
    - Shielding Version
    - 2.5mm Balanced
    - CM 2-Pin

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  15. aaf evo
    Any more info? That cable looks just like the 1960s
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