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PW Audio Cables Discussion Thread

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  1. aaf evo
    Absolutely loving it. Brings out the mids more and extends the treble all without taking away from that beautiful low end.
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  2. audio123
    That's nice to hear! It is an excellent cable. :jecklinsmile:
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  3. Ike1985
    With regard to the previous discussion, I think the biggest benefit I notice from TOTL cables I the black background and improved resolution/separation. Also last night I had my first listen with the ps audio cables as I've been away with family for the holidays and I find both the 1950 and the 1980 to be exceptional. 1950 a bit less mid centric, a bit less full and a bit less sub-bassy than the 1980. I prefer the 80 over the 50 due to its dynamic sound with denser notes, slightly increased sub bass and holographic yet wide presentation. Exceptional layering and separation on both as should be expected with totl cables. Both are near the same level as the Han Sound venom with regard to blackness of the background. All thoughts VERY preliminary and may change as I listen to them. As expected there is MORE of a difference between the Han Sound Venom and the 50/80 than between the 50/80 themselves. Unfortunately I have t send them both off very soon, so I'll have less time tha expected with both.
  4. Ike1985
    So here are my final thoughts with regard to the 1950, 1960 and 1980 cables now that they are on their way to the next person. All were paired with the 64 audio A18t and the Hugo2.

    Lush, full, dense midrange and lower frequencies. Good illumination on the edge of notes (good quantity in the high end) creating good in-stage separation between instruments. Vocals clear and forward enough to produce that 3d effect that I love so much about the Zeus XR monitor. To my ears, more bass than the 80 and defintely more than the 50. Blackets background between the three: 50, 60 and 80. Best value of the 3. Exceptional resolution especially in the bass and mids.

    Less dense notes than the 1960, density on par with the 1980 maybe slightly less. Slightly less bass than the 60, defintely less than the 80. Also with excellent sonic image separation, slightly more silvery sound and slightly more quantity in the highs than the 60 or 80. Brightest background between the 3: 50, 60 and 80. Excels in stage dimensions, layering and separation, definitely the best of the three in this regard. Vocals also 3d. Exceptional resolution across the spectrum. I see it as an exceptional technical cable much like the venom, with an ever ever so slight V shaped signature, nearly a flat V. I LOVE the material they used to wrap this cable, it's soft but grainy when you run your finger down it, beautiful material, they should use it on all their cables.

    Moderate density notes across from low's to high's. To my ears the most clinical of the 3. Excellent vocal reproduction as per the other 2 PW cables, mids slightly less forward than the other two. Most linear (nothing forward, nothing back, lows mids and highs on the same plane). Exceptional resolution across the spectrum.

    Vs Han sound Venom & other thoughts:
    To my ears the Venom remains king of black backgrounds. All 3 PW audio cables have more illumination around the edges of notes, a slightly brighter sound making details stand out more. Some might say all 3 and especially the 80/50 are more dynamic than the venom. The venom is definitely skewed toward creating a dark sound with slightly more mid and lower bass quantity, while the PW cables also have good bass quantity but more quantity in the high's (as per typitcal high quality silver sound). People used to a typical high quality silver sound will be more familiar with the PW cable sound on the 50/60/80 while the venom is a more dark, smooth and rich sound with good bass quantity, dense full notes and: exceptional resolution, massive stage, layering, separation and density of notes. The Venom has the largest stage of all, no doubt about that-the 1950 is the closest but still doesn't have the gulf like spacing between notes or massive dimensions of the Venom. The greater quantity in the highs is more apparent on the PW cables and probably the biggest immediate difference most will notice. Love my Venom and I will be keeping it but I wouldn't mind having the 1980 as a slightly brighter compliment as I'm still getting the awesome vocal effects with the 80 as I was used to with the Venom. IMO among the 3 PW cables, the 1980 will pair best with the most monitors. Interestingly, people have complained about the Venom with regard to ergonomics, I find it the most comfortable of the 4. After just a few days the PW cables (with the exception of the 1950) made the top-back of my ears sore where they wrap around it, not the case at all with the stiffer Venom. Both the 1980 and Venom are exceptional pairings with A18t. I will miss the 1980, if anyone wants to sell a used on, PM me.
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2019
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  5. aaf evo
    I have to part ways with my beloved 1950s. If anyone is ineterested shoot me a PM. :frowning2:
  6. moneypls
    Just bought a 2 wire version of 1960s to pair with my Phantom. I am absolutely loving it. 1960s makes my Phantom sings beautifully!
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  7. kubig123
    I just tried the 1960 4 wire with my Phantom, it has been an amazing experience, the 4 wire has such incredible sound stage!
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  8. moneypls
    4 wire is totally out of my budget unfortunately
  9. kubig123
    Mine too unfortunately...
  10. mrgray
    tomorrow i will hopefully be picking up a 1950s from a fellow headfier here in Sydney. looking forward to it as i feel the alo ref 8 is a bit plain and bright and seems to bleed bass a bit too i think.
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  11. dhc0329
    How's the microphonic on PW cable in comparison to EA strings?
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  12. kubig123
    Most of the cables are not micro-phonic at all, may be with the exception of the 1980, which is stiffer than the rest and slightly micro-phonic, I've use it during my commute and wasn't too bad.

    in which cable are you interested?
  13. dhc0329
    I cannot handle the cable which is too thick so 1960 x2 wire will do.
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  14. kubig123
    It’s an excellent cable! By far my favorite one. :smile_phones:
  15. dhc0329
    So 1960 is free of microphonic? How's it compared to leo 2? Have you had leo 2? I think leo 2's great so I will have a hard time justifying purchase
    of 1960 at the moment but I like the look of that black cloth cable.
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