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PW Audio Cables Discussion Thread

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  1. jmpsmash
    the 3.5mm plug is the same but the mmcx connector might be different model all together. but yeah, the conductor look the same. it could well be just a different cosmetic. ppl do buy things coz they are different or some sort of special/limited edition!
  2. Kervsky
    I think he meant variations in the external design/appearance, not the sound like:
    1. plug shrink wrap is black on his (mine is clear)
    2. splitter piece is wood on his (mine is plastic splitter with wood slider)
    3. mmcx connector is plastic on his (mine is metal)
  3. jmpsmash
    here is mine:
  4. jmpsmash
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  5. Kozato
    The main difference between No.5 international version and Japanese (Oriolus) version is the solder.

    The solder used for the Japanese version lends to a slightly airier and brighter sound, but the bass is slightly reduced.
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  6. cocolinho
    I struggle to believe solder is making a difference... Not to go too far I will personaly assume all PW 5 are identical then. Thanks
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  7. Kervsky
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2018
  8. aaf evo
    Does anyone have any comparisons on the PW 1950s and the Leonidas II?
  9. SeeSax
    Hey man, I meant to reply to your post in the high end cables thread about comparing the Prima Dona and Leo 8-wire but forgot. I think you made a great choice with the Loki 8-wire. It was definitely one of my favorites from the tour and it was on an extremely high technical level, but not sounding too bright or cold like some silver cables. I imagine it will make the U18 really sing. That probably would have been the one I choose for that IEM as well (from what I read, I haven't heard it). Plus the ergonomics are like stuffing baby kittens behind your ears...it's that soft! :)

    Look forward to your impressions!

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  10. aaf evo
    1950s purchased, seriously an amazing match up with the Legend X. Beyond excited.
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  11. audio123
    Congratulations on your 1950s cable! :)
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  12. audio123
    Quite a nice pairing with the Aroma Musical Box Early + PW Loki. The Loki sure helps to brighten up the overall presentation and adds clarity. :)

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  13. aaf evo
    Got my 1950s today :)

    Does anyone have any cable wrapping/storage recommendations? By far the most expensive cable I have owned so I’m going to be sure to baby it.

    My Ares II ended up unraveling on one side and I want to be sure I do everything in my power to make sure that doesn’t happen to my 1950s.
  14. fiascogarcia
    I try to avoid winding them up too tightly too often. In fact, it might be silly, but whatever setup I listen to regularly I keep in a cloth tray that I can just put back on a shelf in my audio gear cabinet. I literally don't wind them up at all.
    Cable tray.jpg
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  15. audio123
    How do you like your 1950s with LX so far? :)
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