Purchase the new Mytek Liberty THX-AAA and receive a free HifiMan Sundara! Now @HeadAmp
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For a limited time when you order the all new Mytek Liberty THX-AAA Headphone Amp you'll receive a free pair of Hifiman Sundara Headphones!
This exciting new amp from Mytek is built around the amazing THX-888 circuit and features a multitude of inputs with astonishingly low distortion for a super clean sound and transparent presentation!
Place your pre-order now to secure your Liberty THX-AAA and Sundara combo today!
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Headphoneus Supremus
Jan 21, 2013
French Quebec, Canada
SUNDARA offers an excellent sound value...one of my fav Headphones ever.
But tbh, i don't think that it would be my Headphone's choice if I was able to buy a small 1.5K$ desktop amp.
Perhaps lowering the price to 1K$ would be a better strategy.
Just my budget-minded 2cents.
I use the SMSL sh-9 AMP with the Sundara, and indeed THX do well with them!

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