Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital Impression Thread

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by onsionsi, Aug 18, 2017.

  1. Left Channel
    If anyone needs the beta firmware, an ISO of the CD, or the manual, just PM me.
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  2. mandrake50
    You may be right, but I can see a use case for a small all in one box for transportability. Travel comes to mind. Often I am not overly concerned about the ultimate in ...anything, when just listening for background music's sake.
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  3. chongky
    Points well taken. I must say I'm a stickler for specs in audio equipment, so...
  4. mandrake50
    Today, very often, touting specifications that really make no audible difference is nothing more than a marketing tool.
    You can miss something that sounds really good just because of a few DB ...of nothing.
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  5. chongky
    You may be right, but as noise is cumulative across the board, providing as clean a signal as possible should be an imperative in high-end audio equipment. How low a SNR when noise remains inaudible still remains under debate. Of course though it's not the only decisive factor, and each person's mileage will vary.
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  6. Left Channel
    As promised, I did a comparison of how this box sounds with external power vs. USB power alone. I also tried the same with and without a USB REGEN.

    Plugging in the external power adapter gives the largest improvement. The REGEN alone makes some improvement, with or without its own power, but I would take the power adapter's results alone if I didn't have a REGEN.

    Together they bring this DAC up to a level where it compares very well with my Magni/Modi 2U stack! That leaves me wondering if upgrading the external adapter to a linear (non-switching) power supply would offer further improvement.
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  7. Left Channel
    Even with the above setup, I still prefer the sound of my Modi 2U via the Magni 2U preamp or head amp. I use the REGEN there too. The Modi won't do DSD or MQA though.

    But back to the Pro-Ject, another benefit of using the external wall-wart is that the sleep/shutdown problem described below will go away. If you first sleep the PC and then turn off the surge protector (you do have your wall-warts on a power strip, right?) the Pro-Ject will turn off too.

  8. aterville
    Hello and thanks for your post.
    Is the S2 DSD native or only DoP.
    Non native DSD is a showstopper as far as I am concerned.
  9. mandrake50
    Just curious, really. Why is that. DSD over DoP gives an identical file once unpacked. Takes more processor, but the bits are the same as long as the DAC supports it.
  10. aterville
    You might be right but my ears/brain told me differently so this is totally subjective :wink:
  11. mandrake50
    OK, but I would guess that if there is any differences to be heard it is something with specific hardware rather than a universal truth. I can't deny anything that you have heard, but the process, when done right, should be completely transparent.. It is 100% lossless and undergoes no mathematical manipulation or filtering.

    I prefer native myself, but it is just that I like the KISS principle. I have yet to hear any differences. I won't let the fact that some given piece of hardware can only do DSD over DoP keep me from at least listening to it.
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  12. aterville
    You are 100% right hence my question I will give it a try unless the iDSD Pro pops up before end of year
  13. Left Channel
    It's DOP (DSD over PCM). DSD64, DSD128, DSD256 and DSD512. Somewhere in the marketing materials I recall seeing mention of DSD1024, but I think that downsamples to 512.

    After good results with some free downloads from the 2L Test Bench, I purchased a couple of classic jazz albums from and enjoyed them very much.

    This is my only DSD-capable DAC, so — unlike certain Head-Fiers who shall remain anonymous — I shall express no opinion on DOP vs native here. :)

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