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  1. eke2k6
    Thanks. It was a 1s exposure, and i manually triggered the flash 3 times during the time the shutter was open.
  2. james444 Contributor
    Interesting discussion... and Happy New Year btw! [​IMG]
    Not sure whether I'll have much useful to add, as I have no "professional" aspirations and give a lot less thought to my photography, even though I highly enjoy shooting pics. However, in my case taking pictures is mostly done just by intuition and as a byproduct of other activities, like being out and about in the nearby mountains, exploring foreign places, taking a stroll through my hometown, etc.... I pretty much never set out to photograph for photography's sake.
    Having decent quality gear is nice, and I really love my DP1m and X1. But spontaneity about capturing an interesting moment, a mood, an atmosphere takes precedence over sheer picture quality for me, and so I end up taking a lot of not-so-high quality pics with the P&S I always have with me.
    As for subjects and lighting, ever so often in my photos, the light itself becomes the subject. Pretty much anything goes... as long as I think it's interesting. As such, I'm probably least likely to develop a "style", ever.
    Some recent examples:
    Vertical World: shot during a climb in the nearby mountains. I usually find bright sunlight shots uninteresting, but this one has an almost abstract feel to it that I like.
    The pattern of intense reddish horizontal light (just minutes after sunrise) on a tree stem:
    Just a leaf (in similarly beautiful, natural light):
    Driving home for Christmas: don't know why this one turned out that way. But despite its measly P&S quality, I like it as is... and it always reminds me of Chris Rea's song.
    And now for some less comforting lighting examples. [​IMG]
    The Road to... Chris Rea again? No idea, but I like the sinister atmosphere.
    Envy: there's probably nothing more bleak than lying on your back in a graveyard and watching a bird high up, incredibly far and out of reach.
    ... but don't worry about my sanity: for most of the time, I prefer staying closer to the birds than to the graveyards. [​IMG]
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  3. Redcarmoose

    It seems this island is filled with beautiful gals. Amazingly there is a freedom, where it is perfectly fine to just walk around and photograph them. No release forms or even permission is needed. The gals actually thank-you for photographing them. I should take more than I do. Still if anything it has taught me to look deeper into daily life. As I walk the streets is the morning the shop girls are getting ready for work which consists of sweeping or watering down of the store front. Afterwords they adjust their hair and try to make everything presentable for the public at large. Just for a moment everything is in sync and at peace. As the day progresses the streets start to fill with noise and traffic. Still when not raining there is a guarantee of morning vibe and photographic opportunities daily without fail. I could actually make a book called the shop gals of Ubud Bali. Is it a little shady photographing women early every morning? I don't know? I just perceive it as a simple beauty in life like a sunset or a tree, only because they are human every photograph tells a story and has a tale to tell. I maybe have never posted many of my girl shop keeper photographs here at risk of seeming "stocky" or deranged? But in my heart of hearts I just simply view it as art, pure and simple.
  4. JimJ
    I'm liking this Canon prime...35mm, f/2.
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  5. BigSurSpoon
    Hi everybody,
    It's been years since I posted anything in this thread but I've been enjoying what people have been posting.
    I decided to take some shots of my collection of headphones since it's getting a bit large so I'm thinking of selling a few.
    It turns out that the AKG K7XX is a lot of fun to photograph.
    Because it's all black with white lettering, you can create some really stark images that look pretty cool I think.  
    All done with a single Alien Bee shot through a circular diffuser. 
    I realize in the first one I lose a lot of the headband because the highlights end pretty abruptly so I'll probably end up redoing it.
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  6. jipan
    Here a picture of kitten:
    Why? Because internet need more cats and kittens ofcourse!
    The kitten is cute, it has this beautiful blue eyes, with green flecks inside. I think it was half Angora /Persian and half ordinary cat, I dunno, not my cat. It just the dam hid its kittens in a pile of stones in my front yard.
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  7. james444 Contributor
    Personally, I like snapshots of people acting naturally and being unaware of the photographer. As I understand it, these gals are fine with being photographed and probably used to being among tourists with cams all day long, so I don't see anything shady about your early morning pastime. The city I live in swarms with tourists all-year and everybody's taking everybody's photograph a hundred times over, no one giving a single thought about permission. A short stroll from subway station to grocery store will inevitably end up with my picture being taken and stored on at least a dozen memory cards. If I were a beautiful gal, probably on several dozens lol. Bottom line, no one cares, and neither do I. Though of course, if I'd grown up in a different place, I'd probably think differently about it.
  8. Redcarmoose

    Part of photography I think is self exploration. We are looking at ourselves in a mirror of the world, our interests, our fears, our desires and our imagination. Then with portraits I found that some faces are just interesting. I find young gals the most interesting. Still I had a team of photographers over from Paris and one was a younger up and coming photographer. He did some amazing black and white photographs of old people. There was a story quality where you could see the good and bad times in their faces. The joy and even an inner beauty that was fantastic. He used new high end Canon bodies and expensive lens choices as well as PS6 to get a staggering contrast in the black and white. I don't know they may be in a show in Paris. Another amazing thing he had was a 4K helicopter camera with smooth vibration for the drone photography. It was not exactly like a DSLR but could be fix to achive some great results in PS6. The thing was you could get to vantage points that were impossible on land.

    Still in all my simplistic ways, I'm the guy checking out the morning light and early workers with a 500mm lens as not to be too intrusive. But for what ever reason I like when they don't know they are being photographed, as to me it looks more natural?
  9. TsukiNick
  10. Redcarmoose
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  11. Redcarmoose
  12. Frank I
    Red Rock Canyon Nevada
  13. liamstrain

    Beach Walk. Chicago.
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  14. Redcarmoose
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