Post pics of your builds....
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My latest EHHA reincarnation.

Very nice doc, I like the neatness and quality jacks used in the back. How much did everything set you back? What are the speaker jacks for? I don't see any wires soldered onto them.
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I might have put this in the thread already but here's an updated picture.  I will add more pics of the other amps I've built after I finish my PIMETA v2.  
In this picture:
- Bijou tube amp
- Opus DAC
- Silver Dragon DIY cable
- Mogami interconnects (tying the DAC to the amp -- you can't see them)
- DIY HD650 headphone stand

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Thanks! Got the Chassis with all the jacks as well as the knobs for around $80 with $80 more in customs duty and shipping to India. Hope to find a friend with a CNC machine back home. People here are selling aluminum enclosures for $250. The default casing had speaker terminals though I like them as I am be planning to convert the same into a speaker driving EHHA at a later date after changing my flimsy heat sinks to highly efficient ones.
The components cost me a little less than the glassjar kit but much of the headache was shared by my friend gurubhai. Buying quality components is really tough in India. The biggest market in Delhi has 800 shops in a square kilometer and when you want to buy a component they ask you to buy at least 50 or 100!
Added a blue LED behind the volume knob powered by the heater supply so I know when the amp is HOT!
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So it was even a bigger challenge to build this thing as parts are harder and costlier to obtain. Kudos! Again thanks for sharing the story. Can't wait to see more from you.
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Good god that is beautiful work.
Is there s chance of posting some more pics (close-ups) would be fantastic 

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My latest EHHA reincarnation.

How did you do the front panel?
Did you use a service such as Front Panel Express or another machining service?  Or did the case come that way (if so where did you get it)?
The "look" reminds me a bit of some Pass Labs power amps.
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The front panel came that way from a firm in Hong Kong. Just did some drilling for the backlit LED.
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@Mr Clean: 
Beautiful build.

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Been a while since I scanned this thread ...... holy macaroons ! You folk are producing some real eye candy . congrats all round. 
ps - a group buy for those chassis is in order audiodoc  

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Even I wanted two more of the same for a power amp and a subwoofer amplifier. They are solidly built.

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