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Post Name of DAC/Amp (For research)

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by sphinxvc, Dec 16, 2010.
  1. sphinxvc
    Buying an HD650, need to look up dac/amp combo units.  Know of two but need some more names to type into the search box.  If you've heard any of them, impressions welcome too.
    So far I know of the Audio GD Fun & Nuforce Icon HDP.
  2. styler Contributor
  3. Ultrainferno
    Maverick D1
  4. jasonb
    yes, HeadRoom!
  5. balderon Contributor
    HD650 paired nicely with Headamp Pico/Dac
  6. kboe
    I too would vote for the HeadRoom or the Burson.  The HeadRoom Desktop DAC/AMP is one sweet unit.
  7. jasonb
    Yes, yes it is. [​IMG]
  8. violinvirtuoso
    Also check out the Yulong D100.

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