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Post A Photograph Of Your Turntable

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  1. snapontom
    My Thorens TD 124 is being refurbished.      
  2. Mojo777
    Espirit SB
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  3. Happytalk

    Beautiful. Who did you send it to? pm is fine.
  4. snapontom
    STS Turntables.  Ive found it better to put work in a pro's hands. 
  5. Mojo777
    Well Pro ject Carbon Espirit lasted a few days in the house before I ended up getting this VPI Traveler new for a killer price! Wow, big difference in tables.
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  6. bbophead
    Very nice set up indeed.
  7. 62ohm
    Have just ordered a Grado Gold1 cartridge, hope I won't be disappointed. Or rather, hope it would sound right with my Debut Carbon TT.
  8. ssrock64

    I really enjoyed my time with the Blue1. Grado models are a great value, though they're not for everyone. Sometimes by Blue1 got a little congested, but I'd be willing to bet that the Gold1 fixes some of those issues.
  9. vapman

    If you still have your Blue1 you might want to just upgrading the stylus, it's fairly well known that makes a huge difference in Grados :)
    I forget which stylus exactly but there was one specific one that I put in a Grado DJ100 and it was a whole new cartridge. the stylus itself was $90 I think. Probably a better upgrade than buying the next nicest cart, too.
  10. Krutsch
    Unboxing albums from my youth, along with my Thorens TD-166 Mk II turntable, which have been in storage since 1988.
    The Van Halen albums (I & II) are the vinyl I bought in Frankfurt am Main in '79 - still have the original price tag of DM 12.90 :)
    ​Will post pics of the 'table, when I am finished with my refurb project (new cartridge and drive belt). Hopefully it will just work... I can wait to listen to my old collection!
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  11. Mojo777
    Okay I need to stop. Debut Carbon to VPI Traveler to now wait for it.............a VPI Classic in less than a month.
    I am so into vinyl right now. Wow!!! 
  12. 62ohm
    I would do the same if I have the cash... Would probably go the Linn Majik or Michell Gyro route instead of VPI though, but basically same thing.
  13. snapontom

    I would recommend a cheap vinyl cleaner like Spin Clean to bring out the sound in your albums.  Albums can be as quiet as a CD.
  14. Krutsch
    It Lives! Bought this Thorens TD-166 Mk II in 1986 while I was in the Army. It's been in storage for 25 years, along with my vinyl collection.
    Added a replacement drive belt, anticipating that the old one would be dried-out (I was right); some De-oxit to the connectors on the tonearm and RCA plugs, adjusted the tracking force with a Shure stylus force gauge, set the anti-skate, and used a fresh Swiffer as a record cleaner... it all just worked.
    Sounds nice with the Woo and HD-650s, using my NAD C 162 as a phono preamp.
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  15. bbophead
    Aww, HELL yeah!
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