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Post A Photograph Of Your Turntable

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  1. Eee Pee
    The PT-6 is fine. It's not great, it's not bad. The effort is minimial, the cost, well, that's up to you. The end result, yes, I like the VPI arm better. I didn't fill the holes, as the new ones were clocked almost perfectly between the old holes. I did use some measure (tools and swear words) to flatten out the old holes for a better mating surface. They're not exposed so you can't tell.
    And a current picture of the Traveler.
  2. 13713

    Bringing back pictures... My humble setup.
  3. bbophead

    Real nice!  Not humble at all.
  4. Tympan

  5. 13713
    That is absolutely stunning Tympan
  6. Tympan
    Thank you! (I made it myself :)
  7. bbophead
    I would look at that all night long!
    Looks like a DJ setup with dueling 1200's.
  8. Tympan
    Spot on! 1200 MK6 DJ classics (not a DJ myself but I've always had a bit of an obsession with turntables)
  9. 13713

    Such a huge iconic table for many of us growing up with the club scene. It really is an amazing conversation piece.
  10. Tympan
    Someone told me recently that these TT have been discontinued, I had no idea. This piece is in 3 pieces too, so it can be detached with just a turntable and no mixer. Someone insisted to buy one of the turntable alone so i real life, I only have the mixer and one TT left!
    ... Although, I still have a one piece 12" x 48" in green (these were limited editions, 8 models made, all unique in one way or another)
    Uups! I'm late for work, gotta go
    Mojo777 likes this.
  11. Tympan
    That was my last minimalist Turntable: customized Beogram 6500
  12. bbophead
    Love the green. 
    Former owner of 4002 and 4004.
  13. Tympan
     thx :wink:  Had both 4002, 4004 also (ex B&O hard core collector). Good looking 6500 but nowhere as good as as 4002/4004 with MMC20CL when it came to SQ only. Plus 4002/4004/4000 were also gorgeous imo
  14. bbophead
    Ready for some blue?
  15. Audio Addict Contributor

    Now you went and made me blue :)
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