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Feb 2, 2009
I've listened to a fair share of headphones such as the DT770, HFI780 and ATH M50s, but I always find myself going back to my portapros. To me, those headphones are not worth the upgrade cost and frankly, boring to listen to when I could get the same experience from the portapros. I've been in a dilemma as to what headphones I should buy. I love listening to metal and I love bass. What headphones would be an upgrade to the portapros that match my interest?
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try other gears besides the one you mentioned. no one would experience the same "wow" effect that you had, so we cant guide you on getting the same "wow" effect you experienced.
i would also recommend the m50 but you already tried it :p
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Grado's are not the way to go if you are looking for a lot of bass.  They do have some, but it is fast and punchy rather than deep and reverberating.  I have both the SR60i and PortaPro's, and while I know the Grado set is superior in the vast majority of cases, quantity of bass isn't one of them.
I prefer my Creative Aurvana Live! when I listen to something that needs more bass impact, but even they are not as bass heavy as many sets near their price range...for example,  the M Audio Q40. 
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Hmmmm I think I know the trick...get some of them sr60's crack those babies open, grab a pen and stab ALL of those port holes in the back open you'll get yur bass and metal-awesomeness. Other than that i know that feel...you could have any can but none gives you the satisfaction like a simple portapro. Keep lookin and tell your wallets it'll all be over soon!

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