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Portaphile Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by poimandres, Jan 28, 2013.
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  1. Shini44
    sadly these epic / super value cables are sold in UK, i am from UAE, i use Aramex, to get my stuff from most of the countries :p  and they are not that expensive at all ^^ 
    just type rca twin cable OFC in amazon uk, and you will find a lot of them, with super good reviews as well. 
  2. gyx11
    How's the battery life of these new Portaphile Amps? Is the SQ identical to the old version? Cheers!
  3. Shini44
    its the exact board desing man, nothing is different, thas why its called the old version :p  which wasn't available till we did spam Cesar XD

    so you can read the review from AVG Joe for any info ^^ which i believe i did like few posts ago.

    its just the front panel is new and the led been replaced.

    if you don't want a small hint of warmth in the sound, then the X version is for you, thats the difference between both, also the X version got slightly more bass, maybe sub bass can't remember. 
  4. PCWar
    I owned the original 627. Then, upgraded to the 627X. I found the X to have more mid bass but found low bass. Don't know which version of the 627X I had since if I recall correctly they change a bit due to the battery used. At least that's what I've red somewhere. 
    Now repurchased the "old" 627 and indeed it sound spectacular and more linear across frequency range compared to the X.
  5. Shini44
    so far which one you like more? , also give the amp sometime till your brain get used to the sound, 

    just asking about early impressions :p
  6. PCWar
    Definitely the new original 627. The linearity of the bass helps achieving a more airy soundstage.
  7. sonickarma
    627 micro with opa627bp - initial first 10 minutes impressions - deep and expansive - cool
    Looks like I'm part of the Club now [​IMG]
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  8. audionewbi
    This is so funny as I was playing with Kaede II and 627x pairing last night and boy is this pairing great! Maybe it is outclassed only by wagnus amp but the margin is so minor that we are not really missing much on. 
  9. Shini44
  10. audionewbi
    I had 627x for a while now and my i kept it as it is one product that can make many gears sound good. Is it my favourite? No. As much as I wanted it to be it just way too smooth and just doesn't have the little bit of aggression that I seek for. 
    I have asked Cesar if he can perhaps release the OPA637SM version which retains the good quality of OPA627 but improves high.
  11. audionewbi

    Shohin.......... :wink:

  12. Valens7
    Just wanted to register my approval of Cesar's workmanship. I recently purchased a MICRO with OPA627BP op-amps, and, I have to say, it is a very fun amp! [​IMG] I often find comparative analyses helpful in this hobby, so here are some (preliminary) thoughts along those lines.
    Compared to HeadAmp's pico Power, the MICRO has a decidedly more forward character. The Power strives at all times for complete transparency; the MICRO is more focused on providing an engaging listening experience. Both amps manage to achieve relative neutrality, but, as is so often the case, arrive at that destination by pursuing markedly different paths. The Power is a "wire with gain," designed to impose as little of itself onto one's music as possible. The MICRO, by contrast, is better suited for Head-Fiers who don't mind futzing about with synergy, which it rewards quite amply. The HD 650, for instance, sounds more impressive when driven by the MICRO than I can recall it being from the Power.
    If anyone is on the fence about making a purchase from Cesar, I encourage taking the plunge. Not only are his products top notch, but the customer service he provides is virtually unparalleled. He really is a pleasure to deal with, and seems to delight in going above and beyond for his customers.
  13. upstateguy
    my portaphile storm rig, which consists of a Fuze, 2 Clips and 4 rechargeable 9 volts has gotten me through many a blackout and hurricane.
    This was taken by flashlight, during a blackout on 10-29-11 from an early winter storm that felled trees which hadn't lost their leaves yet. The Fuze has an FM radio so I can stay current with news and weather. The purple cable acts as a really good antenna.
    After the power went out at a little after 2pm, I went driving around to see what was going on.  I still have some pics of what it was like when it started.... by nightfall, too many trees and power lines were down to venture out anymore.  It took about 10 days to fix the damaged power lines.
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  14. Valens7
    Heh, that's quite a fine illustration of the merits of battery-powered gear. [​IMG] Me, I just enjoy not having to plug so many cords into the wall!
    Did your 627 also serve as an effective hand warmer in those winter months? I can tell you the MICRO would've! [​IMG]
  15. upstateguy
    It's not a 627, it's my original portaphile V2 Maxxed that runs on a single 9V battery.  If I remember correctly it has three 8610s.
    Even after all these years it's my favorite go to portable amp for size, weight, and sound quality.  The V2 Maxxed has to be heard to be believed.
    Here it is next to an O2 which is clearly twice its size and weight.
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