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Portaphile Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by poimandres, Jan 28, 2013.
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  1. BucketInABucket
    Personally I was using it with a pair of orthos before I got my Gilmore Lite V2. 
  2. Poimandres
    Someone's a little ornery today? We get it you love being able to swap out a battery. Not everyone needs that functionality, with the number of hours I work I do not get much time for listening lately, nor would I use any of my gear at work. Currently I do not have a portable MP3 player I utilize a usb dac, the port and my phones with my desktop PC running wasapi and media monkey. Are there any issues with this?
  3. BucketInABucket
    Oh and I personally have no problems not having a 9V battery option either, but its a personal preference. We'll stick with our internal battery and you stick with your 9V option and lets all be happy yea? [​IMG] 
  4. Fungus
    If anybody is looking for a spare battery for the micro, let me know. It has a screw on type connector.  
  5. upstateguy

      My bad, didn't mean to sound ornery......[​IMG]
    Just addressing the battery option relative to portable use. 
    I use usb from a computer also.  Do you have a usb DAC or are you using a usb to spdif converter and a DAC?  I have a usb pico dac for travel and two usb to digital converters for my AC dac at home.
  6. warrior1975
    A friend and fellow head-fier is letting me borrow his portaphile, really looking forward to hearing this. I've followed it for sometime, although I'm hoping I don't like it!! Really need to stop spending money. Lol.
    I'll be comparing it primarily to my Intruder, which I normally run balanced. Source will be Rwak120b. I should have it one day this week. Fun times!!
  7. Poimandres
    What are your thoughts?  Inquiring minds and all, have you ordered a Portaphile from Cesar yet?
    The P627M continues to impress me, I have used it so far with the DX90, the UD120 and the GO100.  I thought that the GO100 was impressive enough on its own however the P627M brings it to another dimension.  I have ordered a Meridian Explorer from Amazon (on sale for 149, there were 3 left at that price earlier however they are now all gone with more stock expected on September 23) and can't wait to see how it pairs with the Micro.  For now I'll enjoy audio nirvana.
  8. warrior1975
    I'm extremely impressed with this amp. It sounds awesome to my ears, compared to the intruder it's very close. They both sound amazing, which one I'd choose would be extremely difficult. On sound, I think I like the portaphile a hair better. I prefer the look and the footprint of the intruder better. Normally I'd prefer balanced, but running intruder balanced and the 627x SE, the 627 sounds just as good, if not better. I'd have a very difficult time discerning between the two doing a blind AB.

    I still need more time between the two. Did some light ABing last night between them using my X3 instead of the Rwak120b, which showed a bit more of a difference in favor of the 627x.
  9. audionewbi
    627x us one smooth amp, sometimes too smooth.
  10. kalibur
    Has anyone contacted Cesar? He stopped replying to my mails hence am wondering if anything is up with him. He is usually prompt in his response. Hope all is well with him
  11. Poimandres
    I spoke with him early last week, sometimes he gets very busy and may not get a chance, I would send him another email maybe it got thrown into his spam or junk folder? 
  12. kalibur
    I have been conversing with him over the past week and he has been replying. Its unlikely my mail has got thrown into his spam folder. I am waiting for my tracking information with the PM - not doubting him for a moment, more like if he is fine and well, since its out of character
    Scratch that, got my reply, thanks Cesar! Good to know you're well.
  13. kalibur
    The package finally arrived, pretty quick for what is halfway round the globe :) IMG_20140930_222224.jpg
  14. Poimandres
    If anyone is interested I put my micro up for sale in the fs forums.
  15. gyx11
    Just received an original 627 which I bought off the classifieds. it's... the best portable amp that I've ever heard. i'm genuinely shocked there are very small nuances in some of my initial test music that I've been missing all this while. the layering and control is absolutely incredible. soundstage is pretty amazing too, but it takes some brain adjustment because the stereo separation is so pronounced that it gives the impression, moving from other amps, that it is almost far too off-centre.

    the performance of this amp is at least 1-2 levels above my next best amps I've had so far, the Pico slim and the Cayin C5. Of course, it's 2-3 times the price as well so that's to be expected,

    I've been pairing it with my dx90 so far, and the synergy is very good. tried with my fiio X1, and the improvement from the onboard amp is noticeable, but not quite as pronounced.
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