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Portaphile Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by poimandres, Jan 28, 2013.
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  1. vhsownsbeta
    Can someone please clarify the charging mechanism for the 627x? Is it possible to 'disengage' the battery and purely run powered from a USB port on my computer? I am looking to the 627x as a 70% desktop, 30% portable amp.
    Also, there seem to be two switches on the faceplate. The instructions only mention one gain switch. What does the other one do?
    Also, any comments on noise floor and balance with sensitive IEMs?
  2. WCDchee
    can anyone comment on burn in time? I have just bought a barely used 627x and it honestly doesnt seem much diferent from my x5 headphone out. I previously used the pure 2 which gave a huge soundstage. The 627 which i tried smashed the pure 2 in that regard, and i heard the 627x has an even bigger stage, but that is not what i am hearing now. Would this be corrected with burn in?
  3. ViolinsNVolta

    Hmmm...I'll take it off your hands :wink:
  4. tf1216
    I am selling my micro if anyone is looking for one.
  5. Shini44
    hey guys wanted to tell you that the old Portaphile 627 version will be back in a new "panel" design, which is better ofc, yet this will be for a limited number, man i can't wait to have mine, if some head-fiers want it then don't miss the golden chance.

    for those who want to know what is the difference between the old and the new version, lets say the new version lack the hint of warmth that the old versions had, which is why so many people were starving to get the old version from the sale threads

    the new version isn't bad or anything , its just that audiophile who want Neutral + hint of warmth and smoothness can't get that sound sig with the new versions
    anyway if you want to pre order it will be for 449$ + shipping  , contact Portaphile's Cesar on this email : http://smartbuys@usa.com

    oh i forgot to say that i had the Pico Power and the old Portaphile 627, and i would pick the 627 over the Pico Power anytime ^^

    even AVG Joe stated that its the best amp he ever had, which got me to buy the old version to begin with, check Joe's review in this link: http://www.head-fi.org/t/585786/multi-portable-amp-thread-16-amps-reviewed-leckerton-uha-6s-mkii-added
  6. upstateguy
    A really good amp like the 627 series isn't going to output something that isn't in the source material.  It is not going to "create" a soundstage or color the sound.  What a really good amp will do is play your source material louder.
    I hope that helps.
  7. ddaktiv

    Hi, have you compared this with the cypher labs duet? Curious as can't demo the 627 in my country
  8. Shini44
    a friend who i gave the Pico Power had C5 or C4 something, he said the PP was way way better, like a huge leap, and i as a former PP owner, i tell you no portable amp were better than the old 627, at least for me. 
  9. ddaktiv
    C5? Hmm not sure how the pico power sounds but yeah be interesting if the Portaphile micro and CL Duet go head to head. Does the new version also pop when it runs out of battery?
  10. Shini44
    feel free to ask Cesar,i added his email there so people can pre-order, and since its a re launch in a new design, then feel free to address any old issues so you know how is it going. 

    better than asking a user i guess ^^ no worries cesar's customer service is A class, fast and reliable.
  11. Shini44
  12. audionewbi
    Anyone else wishes to see a new amp? 
    Lately I have been reading about fully discrete amp and SIT amp and they seem to be inline to what opa627 tried to achieve for opamp, however there are a number of individuals who believe a fully discrete amp are best and there are still a very few who believe SIT is perhaps the only way one can achieve a sound that is true to music (in terms of following vacuum tube sound). 
    Is this going to be something Cesar might be interest in having an attempt into?
    I do own a fully discrete amp (wagnus epsilon S) and I have ordered a SIT portable amp which is not yet here but I am very interested to see how Cesar might deal with such design perspective. 
  13. Shini44
    My Portaphile 627 (old version + new panel) is here :D  i love this amp a lot!!  it does outshine the Hugo's amp section, and sound better than my old pico power ^^

    also the blue LED isn't annoying as the older panel, got to love this Edition :p 
  14. audionewbi
    I've got to try HUGO with 627x, to my ears HUGO really sounded good and didn't gain nothing from 627x addition to the chain. 
  15. PCWar
    Received my new "old" version too. Really impressive as I remembered it. Btw, those are nice rca cables. Dare to post any link where I can find them?
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