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Portable AMP + DAC or a DAP...??

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by techgamer, Apr 11, 2015.
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  1. TechGamer
    I personally prefer daps or the dac + player thing is already a no for me... Out of beyerdynamic and fiio id go with fiio only caz they can make better daps for the price unlike beyerdynamic who are pretty expensive for the really good daps and sound equipment...
  2. TechGamer
    Should I be considering the x5 2nd gen or the x3 2nd Gen or dx90 or is dx80 the best DAP at the price?

  3. ClieOS Contributor
    X5II and DX90 are both excellent, X3II will be a small step down from both. Can't really comment on DX80 as I haven't heard it.
  4. TechGamer
    Well thanks a lot mate!
    I think I'll probably choose between the dx80 (supposed to be improved dx90s basically...) and the x5 II....
  5. TechGamer
    Are there any other daps that are worth considering like hifiman or cayin sparks...?
  6. ClieOS Contributor
    There are more audiophiles DAP than I can ever remember, hard to say which of them is really worth considering as most of them seem pretty good by spec alone.
  7. TechGamer
    Well yeah that's true!
    I guess I'll just choose from the popular ones out there (ibasso and fiio)

    Thanks a ton mate!
  8. wirefriend
    You may want to take a look at this DAP comparison.
  9. TechGamer
    Thanks a lot mate his charts are not updated...
  10. canali
    this topic is relevant for me.
    i usually listen to my music thru streaming now...since discovering services
    like spotify, tidal (etc) i can't  be bothered to spend hrs at my computer ripping things over.
    ...love the easy access to so many songs that I don't have to own and let's me explore new venues, too.
    but I also realize that most streaming is not top quality audio wise....is there a way to integrate
    a dap and smartphone (i have a nexus 5) together so I can stream audio (say spotify or whatever)
    and get better quality sound?  I'd love a dap if it offered wifi, but most don't 
    (heard rumours that A&K was working something out with Tidal on this matter...but can't confirm).
    i'm  holding back as I haven't found a clear cut solution, despite hearing good things on DAP sound quality.
  11. canali
    interesting article on the future portable audio.
  12. TechGamer
    I am new to streaming music over wifi but what I am sure of is that no music sold on popular sites are of Flac grade...
    However if you are only looking for a DAP that is wifi enabled.. You much check out the fiio x7!
    DAPs aren't used by mainstream consumers and are only used by a minority who really care about the music they listen to... That's why mainstream features like wifi are being held back as consumers are afraid that it might come at the expense of lowered sound quality...
  13. canali
    thanks techgamer....i'm obviously 'out of it' and dont' fully comprehend the different files and how they can or cant' be
    transmitted so easily...wifi or not.....still trying to sort things out on my own, too.
    i've heard of the Fiio x7..but some have critiqued it for being overpriced.
    this article (which i also started in another thread) casts some interesting ideas on where portable audio might be headed
    ie the LG V10, Samsung Galaxy S7 etc
  14. wirefriend
    Tidal streams flac grade music online today.
    DX100 DAP released a few years ago has WiFi enabled and plays really good.
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