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Portable AMP + DAC or a DAP...??

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by techgamer, Apr 11, 2015.
  1. TechGamer
    How are the Hifiman daps at around 350? Do I have more options or is it just the x7 vs dx80?
  2. TechGamer
    Well I am fine with more features until the Sq isn't being compromised!
  3. ClieOS Contributor

    I don't think anyone who have carefully listened to an X7 will say SQ is in anyway compromised. In fact, I just compared my X7 to some A&K DAP this morning and I can say X7 stands up to AK380 and the new AK320 quite well*, easily above AK240.

    * with the IEM module, and I do think X7 still has room for improvement with future amp module release.
  4. TechGamer
    But the x7 isn't out yet right?
    And I am new to this so I don't know what you said about the amp module will it be rectified in the mass release version?
  5. SuperFlix
    Hey Guys,

    I am new here. My name is Florian, living in Vienna Austria.

    Hope the Threadowner is ok with me posting in his Thread

    I own a pair of beautiful sounding IE 800(which ive got as a real bargain)

    My Portable Audio Setup was a
    Ipod 3rd Gen + Topping NX1

    I was really happy with this setup but unfortunately all my LOD Cables die in 2-3 Weeks...

    At the moment im using the Ies on a Lg Flex 2. It doesnt sound bad eiter. But i think there is a lot of potential!

    Also i like the idea of a smartphone as a musicplayer more (spotify....)

    Do u have any recommendations for me?

    I could get a used Costroy Astrapi for 60 bucks. But i think this isnt really a big step forward.

    Hrt Microstreamer? ( A little bit expensive)

    Or a litte Dac like the Hifime + Topping Nx1.

    Thanks for your advice and help

    Greetings from Vienna
  6. ClieOS Contributor
    X7 is already out in China. International release should be soon, as in a month or so.
    The current IEM module will be the stock module that will come with every X7, there are at least 3 more amp modules that will be release - mid power, high power as well as balanced amp module. FiiO is also looking for third party to develop other amp modules.
  7. TechGamer
    So correct me if I am wrong amp modules are basically software related and can be fixed through updates right? (really don't mind that)

    And one last question should I get the x7 or the dx80 or any other suggestions at around $350... And what's the price of the x7s..?

    Thanks a ton for your help!
  8. TechGamer
    Well I am OK with you posting here... :)
    If you like the smartphone music player and apps like Spotify you should check out the Fiio x7...its an android based DAP... Smartphones don't real power ie800s which are top of the line Earphones.. And the Sq on any smartphone is only mediocre as the companies don't really care about hifi audio...
  9. SuperFlix
    Hey Techgamer!

    Thx :)

    Yeah i did take a look at the X7.

    Looks like a really nice piece of teck.
    Only problem is. As a music student my budget isnt that high

    The used Sennheiser did cost me only 130 Bucks O.o.
    (didnt know what he was selling )

    The Microstreamer looks really neat.

    Yeah u are right. Many Companies try to make the Audio as cheap as possible...

    I bought my dad a Fiio E10k for his new Dunu 1000. What a wonderful combo.

    I also tried mine on the Dac.
    Sounded a lot better
  10. TechGamer
    Wow! That is one hell of a deal!

    If your budgets low you could probably consider Fiio ones which are not and druid or the Hifiman hm700 but I am not sure if they could power your ie800 to their fullest...
    I think at your price point... A dac Cum amp would suit you best but only if you can bypass the internal audio equipment of your smartphone...
  11. SuperFlix

    Thx for the help.

    Just found this new Hifime Dac http://hifimediy.com/Sabre-9018-DAC

    I think the Dac + My Topping Nx1 semms like a promising Combo

    The Smartphone is Usb Otg Capable so i should Work
  12. 1TrickPony
    ^I see an auto cucumber somewhere...
  13. ClieOS Contributor
    No, amp module is actually a detachable, swappable and upgradable hardware module to the DAP itself. No software involved.
    If you have a budget of $350, then X7 will be way too expensive to even consider. But if you ever want to consider an amp/DAC instead of a DAP, the OPPO HA-2 will be excellent choice in your budget.
  14. SuperFlix
    Hey !

    My 3 options at the moment are

    Hifime 9018 dac + Topping NX1
    Cheap , not that portable. Sound ?!

    Fiio Q1
    Portable, Cheap and good Sound

    Beyerdynamic A200p
    Very portable, 150 € (Limit) and good / excellent sound

    Hard decision. Think the Q1 is the best idea for my Sennis
  15. TechGamer
    Oh DAMN! I was of the impression that the x7 is priced at around 350 Bucks as someone told me so...
    Anyways I am not interested in dac +amp caz it's just too much bulk on the go... So is the dx80 the best DAP at around 350 Bucks or are there better ones at the price range?

    Thanks a lot!

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