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Popular Classical Music

Discussion in 'Music' started by light - man, May 19, 2016.
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  1. Light - Man
    And while we are there Mr Wskl, why not another splendid one from Miss Meyers & Akira Eguchi.

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  2. FullBright1
  3. Head1
    Mozart - Marriage of Figaro : Act 3 - " Sull’aria ... Che soave zeffiretto "

    Edith Mathis , Gundula Janowitz
    Orchester der Deutschen Oper Berlin / Karl Bohm

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  4. Peter Hyatt
    Heather & I are finding great enjoyment listening to entire operas that we’re quite familiar with, during long drives —

    she’s taken to Italian enthusiastically.
    I know this when I try to say something and am rebuked with

  5. Head1
    ^ Andante con moto e poco rubato

    Gershwin - Prelude II

    Yo-Yo Ma , Jeffrey Kahane

  6. Light - Man
    Last night's Friday concert from the NCH Dublin (video usually gets deleted in 6 days)

    RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra
    John Wilson conductor (replacing Diego Matheuz)
    Alena Baeva violin

    Brahms Variations on a Theme of Joseph Haydn / 19’
    Schumann Violin Concerto / 33’
    Dvořák Symphony No. 8 / 34’

    Riddles and rewards aplenty are to be found in an evening of melody-filled 19th-century classics featuring a mistaken, history-making tribute, a long-lost concerto with a spooky past and a masterpiece symphony rooted in the ageless forests of Bohemia.

    Brahms’ delicate, dancing Variations on a Theme of Joseph Haydn mark a moment in music history as the first standalone set of variations composed for a modern symphony orchestra. The borrowed theme wasn’t actually Haydn’s – elegantly purloined instead from a popular chorale dedicated to St Anthony – but Brahms still manages to quote his ‘Clock’ Symphony in the grand, stately and stirring finale.

    Forgotten for 80 years, Schumann’s only original Violin Concerto was rediscovered when the violinist great-nieces of the virtuoso Joseph Joachim claimed it was revealed to them by spirit voices during a seance. Shot through with bewitching melancholy and shifting between broody introspection, infectious warmth, striding rhythmic boldness and a rousing nobility of spirit, few concertos so vividly capture the stirring, blood-pulse of the heart at its most imaginative and inspired.

    Dvořák’s Eighth Symphony is a thrilling orchestral display boasting one of his most memorable melodies and lit up by birdsong, images of country life, rustic revelry and a rousing finale guaranteed to send you out into a cold, winter’s night with a warming, summer’s stride in your step.


    Intro starts 2' in
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  7. FullBright1
  8. FullBright1
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  9. FullBright1
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  10. FullBright1
  11. Pokemonn

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  12. Light - Man
    This is the music associated with the famous Robert Burns poem (a Scottish poet and lyricist). It wasn't the original tune which Robert Burns chose in 1794 , but by 1821, it was this tune which had become associated with the poem. This arrangement is from 1821, but the tune itself is far older, and used to be set to 'Low Down in the Broom'. (quote taken from the first video)

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  13. Head1
    Purcell ( arr. Stokowski ) - Dido's Lament

    Academy of St. Martin in the Fields conducted by Iona Brown

  14. Head1
    Brahms - Piano Sonata No. 3 : II. Andante espressivo

    Sunwook Kim

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