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Popular Classical Music

Discussion in 'Music' started by light - man, May 19, 2016.
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  1. Head1
    Mendelssohn - Piano Trio No. 2

    Van Baerle Trio
    Hannes Minnaar, piano
    Maria Milstein, violin
    Gideon den Herder, cello

    I. Allegro energico con fuoco 0:00
    II. Andante espressivo 10:18
    III. Scherzo. Molto allegro quasi presto 17:14
    IV. Finale. Allegro appassionato 20:40
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  2. Head1
    Tchaikovsky - October : autumn song

    Daniil Shafran , Nina Musinyan

  3. wskl
    Bizet - Carmen Rhapsody for clarinet, flute and piano

    Jaehee Choi, clarinet
    Kyungsun Lee, piano
    Philipp Jundt, flute

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  4. Pokemonn
    Autumn Leaves (official video) - Eva Cassidy & the London Symphony Orchestra
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  5. Head1
    If My Life had a Classical Soundtrack


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  6. FullBright1

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  7. Quinto

  8. Head1
    Katsumi Nagaoka - Ame ( rain )

    Sebastien Canard-Volland & Thibaud Giry

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  9. wskl
    Debussy - Rêverie
    Alice Sara Ott

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  10. Light - Man
  11. Head1
    Chopin - Mazurka No.49 in F Minor, Op.68, No.4


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  12. Pokemonn
    Richter version, great. I guess LvB did predict the end??
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  13. Light - Man
    Last night's Friday concert from the NCH Dublin (video usually gets deleted in 6 days)

    RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra
    Eugene Tzigane conductor

    Mahler Symphony No. 9 / 81’

    Music from another world… from eternity.

    Hailed as ‘a poised orchestral leader’ (Berliner Morgenpost), Eugene Tzigane leads the RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra in one of the greatest, most profound and compelling symphonies ever written: Gustav Mahler’s intimate and epic Ninth Symphony.

    Composed after a series of devastating emotional blows – the death of a daughter, the loss of an eminent job, his marriage in crisis and the onset of a heart condition that would soon take his life – Mahler’s last completed symphony is a work that stares into the darkest abyss but emerges from the prospect of bleak surrender to death, to gloriously, movingly, transform into a wonderful love-song to life and living.

    A masterpiece that begins with the pulse of a heartbeat and ends with the slow, dying away of music into silence, the Ninth Symphony is an exhilarating journey into Mahler’s heart and soul full of grandeur and grace.

    A symphony unlike any other, its virtuosic use of the orchestra and unique beauty of sound saw Herbert von Karajan, one of the all-time great Mahler conductors, describing it as being like ‘music coming from another world… from eternity’.


    Concerts starts 2' 30'' into video
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  14. Head1
    Poulenc - Les Chemins de l'Amour

    Julie Scolnik - flute , Sophie Scolnik-Brower - piano

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