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Popular Classical Music

Discussion in 'Music' started by light - man, May 19, 2016.
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  1. Light - Man
    The idea behind this thread is to get some varied Classical music going and to share your knowledge and appreciation with others, no matter what your level of knowledge may be.
    Hopefully it may encourage others to develop a taste for Classical music.
    Hoping for good quality audio-visual recordings from YouTube and Vimeo, etc. but any type of music link is good.
    No rules, just anything related to Classical music including vocals, a bit of banter is also welcome as music threads can tend to be a little sterile.
    BTW, my knowledge of Classical music is very basic but I have been to concerts on a regular basis for several years and I reckon I have developed an ear for the good stuff but I may be wrong?! [​IMG]

  2. SerenaxD
    Every time someone asks for classical music I feel very obliged to share this - not any high quality music (sorry) but I had to do this. 
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  3. Light - Man
    :wink: This is not one that I have in mind to post but I am easily led astray. [​IMG]
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  4. Wokei
    Wokei ... Reporting for duty
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  5. Mr Trev
    Cool, I'll bite.

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  6. Light - Man
    Good to see you here man, I did not know that you were into Classical.
    When you get a chance you should post some stuff and perhaps the odd gif or two? [​IMG]
    It might not be long before this thread gets locked and I am not talking in a Bar![​IMG]
    P.S. It is good to see Mr Trev and some of the old Lobsters here from the Lab thread!
  7. Mr Trev

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  8. Light - Man
    For me these are all obvious but are a must listen to for anyone starting to explore Classical.

    This video is a longer version.

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  9. Light - Man
    Perhaps I should have called this thread Random Classical music [​IMG]
    Edit: I changed a few of the videos for better versions hence maybe it should be called random edited Classical music! [​IMG] [​IMG]



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  10. Light - Man
  11. Wokei

    Xiao Bai Yong - Erhu Master - considered National Treasure of China
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  12. Mr Trev


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  13. x RELIC x Contributor
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  14. Light - Man
    I think this is a really nice version, composed by French composer Francis Lai and not Beethoven as alluded to in a previous post. [​IMG]
    Of course it is not strictly classical but as it has a violin and a piano, it is close enough for me. [​IMG]

    The intro to this is only 2 minutes.
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  15. Light - Man
    Good to see you Relic! yes do join in Man, the more the merrier. [​IMG]
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