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Pop anyone?

Discussion in 'Music' started by nznewbie, Jun 1, 2012.
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  1. ADUHF
    Just one more countrified tune for me, then I'll quit. :) This is also a pretty good'n imo.

  2. FullBright1
    This song was originally written by The Church.

    "What Bird", covered it and had their only 'hit".

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  3. FullBright1
    Artist: Lights

    Album: Little Machines



  4. Head1
    Carole King - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

  5. Head1
    Golden Brown - The Stranglers

  6. Head1
    Van Morrison - Brown Eyed Girl

  7. Head1
    Seal - Kiss From A Rose

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  8. Head1
    Edith Piaf - Non, Je ne regrette rien

  9. FullBright1
    New Vid.

  10. FullBright1
    Elton J.

    "Ive seen that movie too"


  11. ADUHF
    I like what you're posting here FullBright1. But I'm becoming concerned about the number of possibly unathorized videos you're posting here from one particular YT account. I'm referring specifically to the What Bird, 10cc, and Elton John videos above. The others look legit.

    If you want/need help finding the official authorized videos, just ask, and either I or someone else here will be glad to help you find what you want. I appreciate your contributions here. But I don't want you putting yourself, or this site at unnecessary risk just for our entertainment.

    The artists and their labels only make money from streaming if you post the authorized versions of their work. I've probably been a little lax about this myself on occasion, but will also try to be more diligent about this in the future.
  12. FullBright1

    Thank you for your information.
    I wasn't aware that Youtube existed only for the purpose of posting videos that paid artist's and labels.
    As a matter of fact, Authorized Videos, make up about 11% of all music videos posted on Youtube.
    And the reason i created my site there, which makes no profit, is because i like to hear good sounding music, so, i post only music videos that are created using audio files from CDs, Albums, or SACDS, that i bought, that i OWN, = so that the Artist was paid.
    I dont illegally download any music, to post in a video.
    I buy it.
    And im certainly happy to know that you are not the "type" who has ANY MUSIC illegally downloaded to your Iphone, Laptop, Ipad, or otherwise.
    And thank Buddha and Zeus, that you don't have any bootleg DVD or CD concerts, that were accessed, without any royalty payments going to any artists.
    I thank you for all that honestly, and so do all the Artist's whose music you have not stolen for years and years.
    Bravo, ADUHF, you are a man among men, and a golden anchor in a port of wicked thieving storms.
    Let me tell you :)

    So, ill tell you what.
    Being that you feel ill at ease regarding all the Vids im posting that i make for my channel from music that i bought, ..... i'll now, as of this moment in time, instead only post what you consider authorized, or similar.
    This should help you while also protecting the Site from calamity and utter ruin..
    Thats my hope.
    Consider it done, and thank you , again.

    Last edited: May 2, 2018
  13. ADUHF
    Thank you, FB1.

    I already try to post authorized content whenever I can. But will also redouble my efforts on that, and aim for only 100% author-approved content as well. And perhaps we'll start a new trend here. Finding YT content that is both legit and decent sounding (and looking) may require some extra sleuthing at times, but that's just part of the MacGyverish fun!
    Last edited: May 3, 2018
  14. FullBright1

    A few years ago, i posted 2 very long pages of "authorized" good sounding Videos, on this very site.
    This was before the site was upgraded, quite a while before that, actually.
    I think i called that Thread....>"Music to Test Your Headphones".
    So, its been here for years.

    But then, this past December 2016, and based an event that caused me great grief, ... i needed something to do to occupy my thinking, as i was spending too much time thinking about a troubling event i had just been dealt by life.
    So, i started making videos of music i like and posting (them) on a Youtube channel, as sort of cope mechanism.
    I made and uploaded 40 videos in one day., as i had a lot of coping to do:)
    So, over the following year, obo, i already did what you suggested, as well,.....i found about 150 really good sounding, mostly 780p, music Vids, that i like, and attached those to my utbe channel as a PLAYLIST, as well as continuing to create and post there what i feel are legit Videos, even tho, some here are never going to see it my way, including the YouTube content guidelines "authorities" .
    But, sometimes, rules are just not able to represent or comprehend all there is to know or consider.
    Rules, tend to be black and white, but people and life, do not exist in black and white, and that is why there is always going to be friction within all you find there.

    For example, , while i dont pay the Artist for posting their high res music Vid that i make, i do pay them, when i buy their music., and i do pay them, by posting great sounding videos of their music, vs, bad sounding videos that are often posted by their own record company.

    Look, im a multitalented person.
    I do a lot things on a professional level, included being a solo musician.
    And regarding my own perspective, as long as a fan is posting my music out of Love, and is not doing it to steal prosperity from my hard work, then i hope they post a lot of me.
    Pink Floyd is like this.....
    Sting is like this.
    Many artist feel the same way..

    You may not know this..but all songs that an artist or a record company do not want you to re-invent or repost as a Youtube or VEVO Video, are encrypted, and you can't post them, so, as this is the case, any music i post, in is the "general domain".
    This is why i can post any BOSTON song from any Legit Boston album, but i cant post any EAGLES song from any Legit EAGLES album.
    The reason is....there are bands and solo artists who have devised and created with Youtube, some type of encryption that analyzes any song of theirs that they dont want you to repost, and it will be instantly kicked off of Youtube, if you try to make a video or post an audio file.....no matter how you try to get around this CODE.
    Every song, is like a file thumbprint, and Youtube, can take a photo of this music file thumbprint and instantly MATCH it against every song that is illegal for you to repost, and it will block your attempt, 100% of the time.

    So, protection for the artist who demand it, regarding Youtube or Vevo, is built right in to the system.

    For example, I cant post any high rez Beatles Videos, as the encryption security on Youtube, will kick it out.
    Supertramp, is another.
    Led Zepplin is another
    Kacey Musgraves.
    Rick Springfield.


    But others, like Sting, or Pink Floyd, dont mind if, and that is because they realize that if its done right, then it sends buyers of their product directly to Apple, or Amazon, or Target, ...ect.

    So, as for me, ... by creating great sounding audio files that are the reason FOR the videos i make...... = this actually does basically the same thing for the artist, as them releasing songs "from an upcoming album".
    Its HYPES it, and buyers buy.
    My (personally created) videos are not just intended to make listeners experience a contact high, but they are also created to inspire people to go and buy the ALBUM or the CD.
    Thats my point, in all this....regarding why i do it and enjoy doing it.

    And one other thing.
    One of my greatest joys in life, is to discover great musicians who are not making music in the USA, for MYSELF.
    And often, these Canadian, or French, or Lebanese, or Israeli....artist (.for example).........they just dont have the funding to make a high tech soft porn video and post these every time they release their next horrible song........like Beyonce does, for example.
    Truly, were it not for dirty MTV videos, then many girls who are making millions from their awful music, would be waiting on tables, ......and that is where they should be and would be, were it not for the MACHINE< that keeps putting out their musical porn slop and selling it using MTV or whatever other cable outlet will push this overly-sexual bump and grainding garbage to you, in heavy rotation.

    See, these artist that i find, are the real deal, they are players who can play, and not just whores who the record companies keep vomiting back up as the next new Blonde or Brunette seasonal model, that is all based on '1995 Like a Virgin Madonna" as the original filthy girl Archtype.
    Nearly every female performer you see today, in "Pop" music, is just a copy of the first really dirty-girl pop-porn star...> Madonna, who a long time ago created the soft porn style blueprint that all the later girls, like Lady Gaga, and Beyonce, and Miley, and all the rest of the earlier sluts, use to create their product that the media sells to the masses like its golden dirt.
    So, i reject that SYSTEM and all the musical rot it creates....and i consider it negative trash that is designed to poison your ears and eyes and soul.
    I hate all that.
    But what i love are real musicians, (like me) who i discover, or who i have admired personally, and SO, by posting Vids for these artists like Yasmine Hamdan, or Yossi Sassi, or Catherine Durand, or Jimmy Wahlsteen,, .....because they just can't break into our rotten Musical Industry as they are living outside the steel walls of the American Music Industry that block them from the golden ears of audiophile people like US........SO, i provide them a service by taking their music that you'll never hear, and creating a Video on their behalf, hoping that by doing so, i can $$$$ enrich $$$ their lives by enriching yours if you will not only listen, but BUY their stuff..
    So, all of that, is one of my missions, = exactly why i make videos and post them .
    Yes, im stepping on dumbed down rules, and bending them according to the need of the moment, but not for the purpose of personal greed.......but only for the purpose of doing what i feel is a good global community service, even tho i dont affiliate myself personally or politically with the "global citizen" mindset nonsense.

    Ok then.
    thx for reading.., but i wanted you to see me clearly......... and because you have ended up all the way down here...... ill reward you now with 2 Legit Videos, (yes you guessed it, taken from my utbe channel's playlist) and posted now here just for all who would care to be turned on...:)


    Last edited: May 3, 2018
  15. FullBright1
    Well, you know..
    yesterday, i told you that as of "this moment in time", i would only post "authorized content" vids.
    However, upon changing my mind, ...(Girls are like that).. i'll now walk that statement back slightly, and amend it to what makes me feel perfectly comfortable doing.
    here is amended statement...

    "i'll try not to take over the entire music site here with my hi-rez videos and will most earnestly try to keep a 1 - in- 4. ratio (25%) of non-authorized to the usual/typical 75% record label low rez fuzzy stuff. ""

    After all, we dont want the Youtube Policy Police to raid this interesting forum and delete it because of my personal collection of videos they discovered here.:)

    So, 1 in 4, or perhaps even less of mine, shall of my personal video collection be posted here, in relation to the Authorized stuff..

    "so let it be written........so let it be done"...
    Last edited: May 3, 2018
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