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Pop anyone?

Discussion in 'Music' started by nznewbie, Jun 1, 2012.
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  1. NZnewbie
    After just a quick browse of these forums it's pretty apparent that most member's musical taste trends more towards alt rock, techno, drum and bass, and less mainstream stuff.

    I'm just curious to see what pop songs people like, don't be shy share your guilty pleasures with the rest of us we won't judge...much.

    Come on guys (and the rare girls on this site) share with the group!

    Are you bopping to Britney?

    Singing along with One D?

    Missing the spice girls?

    Dancing in your underpants to Maria ?

    Moving like jagger to Maroon 5?

    Ok that's almost it For pop references from me, sorry if I ramble a bit I'm new to this forum thing like a virgin you might say. Anyway if your feel like sharing go for it even call me maybe?..
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  2. NZnewbie
    Just to get the ball rolling I will fess up to a few of my current fav's cause omg like if somone doesn't start this it will like totally fail like Kim kardashian's marriage...

    So the call me maybe song is stuck in my brain I wish I could get rid of it but it's just there all the time making me want to dance and smear my body in peanutbutter , hmm well maybe the peanut butter is just me but the dam song is still in there doing something.
  3. deepshikhanc
    I listen to a lot of Madonna - have been listening to her since the nineties - never got tired. 
    Lots of Michael Jackson too !
  4. ADUHF
    I'm an anyone. And while I think most recent American pop is pretty horrific (sorry, that was a little judgy :) ), I do enjoy the occasional Swift, Bieber, Perry, Gomez, and even Madonna track... I might even take in a Rita Ora or Dua Lipa tune now and then. You never can tell.

    Anyway, here are a few recent ones I think are pretty ok...

    I don't generally smear my body with peanut butter when listening to these btw. Nutella is much better.
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  5. ADUHF
  6. ADUHF

    Brief explicit language.
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2018
  7. ADUHF
  8. ADUHF
  9. abbones
    Totally agree about Madonna and MJ - timeless!
  10. tens245
    Late 90's/early 2000s were the golden age for me. There are some now that I like too, like Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran.
  11. ADUHF
    Watched an interview with Mr. Smith on Fallon and he seemed like a pretty nice chap.

    Some "witch-pop" from Ms. Blanc...

    Last edited: Feb 4, 2018
  12. SilverEars
    I will admit this is a catchy tune and music video is fun

    I like the melodies Clean Bandit creates for female vocals. They tend to find very good sounding female vocalists.

    I like Anne-Marie's voice as well. You can tell she has reggae influences

    Last edited: Feb 5, 2018
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  13. ADUHF
    ^ Some nice selections Silver. I haven't heard alot of Anne-Marie's work. But have enjoyed the tunes I've heard so far by her. I like many of Taylor's recent pop & hip-hop-inspired tracks as well, including "Shake It Off". So you'll probably see a few more of those here too.
  14. ADUHF
    SQ is a bit lacking on the next couple MVs. I like some of the visuals on this though (and enjoyed the tune the first half dozen times I heard it, though it's quickly gettin played out on the radio)...

  15. ADUHF
    Nice solo pop track by Yuri of SNSD. There is an all-English version of this, but I think I prefer the Korenglish version...

    Only 1M views so far, which seems a bit low.
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