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PONO - Neil Youngs portable hi-res music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by currawong, Sep 28, 2012.
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  1. Rdwng1975
    I am going to be putting up a 5' Venus Audio balanced cable for HD600/HD650 if anyone is interested.
  2. Dana Reed
    Just got one of these to compare to my NWZ-A17/PHA1A combo.  Will still need to get a balanced cable for my HD600 to see how much improvement there, but one thing I note right away is that as with the sony player, gapless playback does not work with lossy tracks.  Definitely sounds great with my Grados (325e so far) and with Beyer DT770 (80 Ohm).  I assume I'll get more oomph to the HD600 in balanced mode than I do with either single ended PONO or with the PHA-1A.  Until I get the cable, I'll leave the HD600 at my desk with the Vali2.  One other headphone that I'm sort of lusting after is the T1.  Not sure if this would have enough power to drive those in balanced mode even.
    [edit: forgot to mention that I got a Sandisk 256 GB card and it is able to recognize that card size]
  3. TS0711
    Big thanks to L8MDL for the surfcable recommendation... I'm loving mine with my old HD600s. The difference (once I figured out you had set the pono player to balanced mode) was tremendous... I spent all night dancing around my condo.

    I never really appreciated my pono in single ended mode since most of my listening is on a plane through noise canceling cans. And while the 600's are really really good single ended, they are GREAT when used in balanced mode... I will be buying a second pono during the sale.

    Thanks again!
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  4. barondla
    TSO711 the Pono kicks into a higher gear when running balanced. It sounds mighty odd on balanced phones, when one forgets to set balanced mode in the play menu. Plug/unplug the phones while PonoPlayer is off and balanced mode will stay as a sticky setting. You will never have to reset.

    Just built balanced cables for my Mitchell & Johnson MJ2 hybrid electrostats last night. Had forgotten how great the Pono is in balanced mode. So much cleaner and more dynamic. Even though these are efficient headphones that require little power.

    Enjoy your balanced system.
  5. L8MDL
    Glad I could help. SurfCables is a superb company.
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  6. dannyvstheworld
    Hey guys, just got my Pono, but found that all software support was out of service at the moment. I couldn't even find a link to download Pono Music World/ Vault on the Pono Music website. So I'd like to ask you guys what's the latest version of the filmware, and is there any way for me to update to the latest version without installing PMW/ PMV?
    Also the Quick Start Guide mentioned that there should be a "Pono Share" mode in which you could use the line out as a second headphone output, but I couldn't find it in the settings. So does anybody know how to set it to the "Pono Share" mode?
    At last, for the first charge, I plugged it for about 10 hours, but the screen still displayed the charging sign. Since the product specifications says that the charging time should be about 4 hours, I wonder if it's just the first charge took longer than average, or it's the display that doesn't properly show the charging status, or it's the deficiency of the battery in my unit?
    Sorry for those probably stupid questions, but I googled everywhere and the information about Pono is very limited, and the Pono forum was apparently shut down at the moment, so I can't think of any other place to ask questions but here. Thank you.
  7. barondla
    Hello dannyvstheworld. PMV is at ponomusic.com/pmv. The current firmware is 1.0.6. Congrats on the new Pono Player. Give it about 250 hours to really break in for best sound. 
  8. bmoregnr
    I seem to remember the same thing happening to me on the first charge, I finally just gave up waiting for it and started using it.  From then on it gave me the full charge symbol as normal.  Hopefully on your next charge things work normal.  Enjoy it.
  9. doctorjazz
    I think if you plug it in when it is off, the charge symbol appears on the screen, and stays on until you unplug it. It doesn't reflect full charge.
  10. harpo1
    I think it changes from white to green as well.
  11. L8MDL
    You can check for the full charge by looking at the green bar at the top of the display. It will "pulse" when charging.

    As for two headphones, I believe it is the default and needs no setting. Could be wrong as I don't have my player with me to check.
  12. rickhawk22
    Yes when charging while off the charge icon is white while charging and changes to green when fully charged.
    The sharing option is on by default. You can plug in two headphones at any time as long as its not in balanced mode.
  13. dannyvstheworld

    ​Thanks man. Out of the box it sounded a bit out of control, so maybe some break-in could tame it a little. But even untamed, the sound is enjoyable. Having pair it with my PS500e and Q701, both being headphones towards the analytical side, Pono makes them less refined and more exciting.
  14. dannyvstheworld
    Yeah I gave up too and just started using it.. it's been a few hours and the battery hadn't drained out yet, so I guess it's probably fine.
  15. barondla
    Dannyvstheworld, the PonoPlayer will loosen up and become more refined with play. Subtle details will pop out and notes will gain the proper amount of decay. Had to break my new player in a year ago. It was rough sounding vs the much older Kickstarter player. Now they are very close.

    Highly recommend buying the Cardas/Ayre Irrational But Effacicious CD. Rip the 1 & 5 minute sweeptone tracks to the Pono internal memory. Play 1 minute track before listening sessions. 5 minutevtrack every week or two. This will make a nice sonic improvement in headphones and Pono Player.

    Are you using any of the headphones in balanced mode?

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