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PONO - Neil Youngs portable hi-res music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by currawong, Sep 28, 2012.
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  1. dannyvstheworld

    ​Thanks. Actually I never used any specific burn-in noise, and whenever I felt my headphones need stretching, I just blast Dvorak Symphony No. 9 loud, and the sound usually gets better after a few spins.
    I never tried balanced mode since all my headphones are either single-sided or Grado, but I have a pair of HE400i on the way, so probably would try a balance on them, though not sure if it's worth it. However I do heard that Pono's balanced mode is very good, and some even compare it to Sony PHA-3, which costs twice as much.
  2. doctorjazz
    Pono is good...in balanced mode, it is much better. Worth checking out.
  3. rickhawk22
  4. doctorjazz
    I use (purchased) JRiver22, like it.
  5. rickhawk22

    Yes, much better option than Vault.  A stripped down JRiver version was the initial Pono software included with the player.  More control over your files.
  6. CarstenF
    Thanks! My reply is a bit late... I used a disk Repair Software to first backup and then Repair it. Scandisk might have worked to but did not want to risk it.
    My Pono saga continues. They really sound great (in balanced mode), but they have the worst build and parts quality I have ever seen in a DAP.  
    I have 2 - CSN Limited Edition from the Kickstarter and a yellow one that I bought a Frys.  Both had the internal flash fail (355Kbps copy rate and no transfer ever completes) after the warranty ended.  Last week the yellow one became a non-touchscreen device while sitting peacefully on my desk, not even being used.  A Pono is pretty useless without touch, you can't even shut it down!  
    Just for reference, I own 42 (yes, 42) other DAPs, from iPod Nano to AK240 and have NEVER had a hardware failure on any of them.
    So far I've had 3 failures on 2 Ponos (4 failures, if you count the horrible warping of the bamboo box that the CSN came in).  If I hadn't invested so much in balanced cables and adapters, I would throw them in the trash.
    I contacted support 6 days ago to inquire about repair service for the yellow one and 6 days later, no response.  Is there some other way to get them repaired or do I thrown them way and buy a new one every time Frys has them on sale?
  8. barondla
    BRCMRGN, bummer you have had such a rough time. I have a black and yellow and they have been trouble free. I don't changebout the songs on the internal memory. Put favorite albums there and leave them. 64GB is so little memory now, just use a 200- 250GB mSD memory card.
    I have seen numerous other DAPs have trouble. Classic ipods - hard drive stopped spinning. Earlier Fiio had problems with controls. Pioneer had jack issues. My Sandisk Fuse screen turned to an abstract display.  Nothing is perfect.  
    This is the best way to get your Pono fixed. phil@ponomusic.com. 
    Good luck.
  9. Left Channel
    They seem to respond to their support ticket queue in batches. I waited 15 days for a reply after inquiring about a repairing a cracked display and was starting to get frustrated, but all went smoothly after that.
    After clarifying the problem and receiving an estimate, I was directed to send it to the repair center (a contractor in Gilroy), received a call with the diagnosis, approved the work, and received the player back 8 days after sending it in, including shipping time.
    That seems to be an average experience, but there are one or two people with particularly knotty hardware problems who never seem to get a response. You'll find several discussions about this on the ponomusic.com community forum.

    Edit: wow, I just found your post on the Pono forum, and see that Phil Baker responded offering to help you himself. Excellent service, and a very good sign.
  10. CarstenF
    What is the best way to store album artwork on the Pono?
    I use ITunes and when I first copied my music library across to the Pono, many albums did not display artwork.
    This was due to ITunes storing the downloaded artwork in a separate database structure on the Pc or Mac.
    I then laboriously embedded all album art into the songs in iTunes (cut and paste album art in album information).
    Now album art is displayed on the Pono, but scrolling in album view is extremely slow and album art is only slowly being loaded and displayed on the Pono when you scroll down in album view.
    I suppose this is because the Pono needs to load the artwork from the song titles as you scroll down.

    Is there a better way? Should album art be stored in a separate album art file for each album? The downside of that approach would be that iTunes does not support it and it would need to be done manually...
  11. Rdwng1975
    If anyone is looking for a backup Pono I have one I am looking to trade. I need something with OTG or coaxial output.
  12. Left Channel
    Losing album art when moving music out of iTunes is a common problem not unique to Pono. Because Apple. Most music manager apps will sync album art from the Internetz, though many people do it by hand. JRiver will sync art automatically overnight, I think MusicBee will do it semi-automatically, and PonoMusic Vault beta currently requires you to do that manually. I bet Cadillac apps like Roon take this to a whole 'nother level.
    The lag you're seeing may have something to do with how the music was loaded onto the Pono Player, causing an overall slowness not actually related to the album art. I'm no expert, but here are some things to think about. Did you sideload the files, or sync via PonoMusic Vault beta? Sideloading works OK for most of us, but the Pono Player can be finicky about how you do it. Did you first put the music on an external card, then plug the card into the Player? Sometimes it's better to have the card in the device and load via a cable. Are you using Windows or Mac?

    The Pono Player system has known memory handling issues, and a percentage of the devices have memory hardware defects, but usually it's just a question of finding a good workaround for a product designed to be used with the company's own software.
  13. daniel_hokkaido
    I was half thinking of changing up also... something with opt out to run into a Chord Mojo. 
    Can you PM me what players with opt out you rate for not being too thick? I guess after the PONO im wary of going back to my old 'stack' life. 
  14. The Dan of Steel
    I just read this.

  15. doctorjazz
    Just read that a short while ago as well... :frowning2:
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