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PONO - Neil Youngs portable hi-res music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by currawong, Sep 28, 2012.
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  1. alpha421
    Yup.  Was really hoping for a Pono v2. Fingers crossed that nothing goes south.  Perhaps I'll attempt to change the internal battery when the time comes.
  2. Left Channel
    Wow. No more PonoPlayers, no more downloads. In Neil Young's post, he wrote that they worked with a company called Orastream to create Xstream. Someone in the comments says that will be based on something called BRIO: http://www.orastream.com/brio/ Young says Xstream will be a more bitrate-adaptive, better-sounding streaming service. I'm skeptical many will hear any difference compared to Tidal. But at least Xstream will still be Pono-branded, for what that's worth.
  3. L8MDL
    The Xstream service WILL allow downloads according to discussions on the Pono site. Also, service for existing players is intact.
  4. daniel_hokkaido
    I was thinking of changing up for an old ak100 paired optical to a chord mojo. Return of the Stack (funk beat) 
    Anyone have xp between Mojo and Pono? Going back to SE feels a bit like a step back though tbh 
  5. TheTrace
    Mojo is a single end design and will sound as good if not better than most balance designs is the understanding I've come to after a little research.

    For my own experience, that holds true and it's kinda cool not having to accommodate extra terminations.
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  6. Left Channel

    Thank you. Neil Young's post is from-the-heart, but clearly not co-written with his team. Buried about a hundred deep under what may be thousands of new comments, I found the reply from the Pono COO you must be referring to:
    Phil Baker (PonoMusic)
    Just wanted to add a couple of comments based on some of the responses. The Xstream service includes the ability to buy hi-res downloads. And service for players continues to be available by contacting me at <email>. Thanks.
  7. audionewbi
    I've had a chance to try the Pono so briefly today, single ended and with an IEM that I normally dont like (UM50Pro) which I own so I know its sound. I think early negative Pono press coverage and all the people who focused on the hi-res files and not the actual player killed a product that is very reasonably priced and sounded darn good. I did not have my LPG to compared, and indeed a difference sound so even if I did it wouldnt help but all I can say is those DAP collectors better be fast, I know I will certainly try to get my hand with it. I can see myself listening to JVC FW01 and Pono for long hours.

    UI probably was the best I could ever want for music playback. It was fast and had all that I need to navigate my music.
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  8. Audiophilliac
    Years later, still use my Pono daily - paired with ie800's and a clear, well mastered source; they're sublime - Kudos to Charles Hansen & his team for this wonderful player
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  9. drew911d
    I still love mine too with my K10. Was thinking about hugo2 or wm1z, but I think I'll keep the Pono for portable. Can't find anything to audition anyway, and when I did get the chance to try a friend's zx2 I was way underwhelmed. The Pono blew it away. Unless something lands on my lap that can do the same to the Pono I'm not changing my portable setup. Not gonna waste money on something that may not do anything for me.

    Mean time I'll put my "upgrade" money into a home dac, something I don't have yet.

    BTW, anybody have a source for a good case for the Pono? I want something I can keep on it always, so access to the screen, buttons and hp ports. Really want something to address my one gripe, recessing the buttons. Can't count how many times I pulled it out of my pocket to find it turned on from smooshing the buttons and having a near dead battery...
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2017
  10. barondla
    The Ayre Codex would make a great home dac and give you even more of that PonoPlayer sound.
    There was a person making custom leather cases for the PonoPlayer. Unlike the official case, this allowed using the controls and other things. It was on the official PonoMusic forum.
  11. Whazzzup
    The yellow toblerone still ticking?
  12. drew911d
    I'll look into the codex, thanks for the suggestion.

    Have a link to that custom leather case? Seems exactly what I'm looking for.
  13. barondla
    Codex even has the dual 3.5mm trs connectors to use the same balanced earphones the PonoPlayer does.

    Couldn't get link to work. So I tried copying case info here:

    "Not sure if this fits here but I wanted to share an idea, an item? We know the Pono team a long time ago talked about headphones and other possible perihperals such as cases for our playes. I have a NY & Crazy Horse LE and have been trying to protect it as as I use it. I first took a screen protector for an ipad and cut it to fit the sides and protect the signature sides from wear. That was cool but always worry about drop protection. So... I have a friend who does leather work and sells a ton of her stuff on Etsy. I asked her to make me a case and threw her a few ideas. This is what she came up with ( first prototype) and I love it! Simple yet fully functional. I might suggest a few more mm on the ends for extra protection but see myself using it full time from now on. Its got a rich look as well.

    Thought I’d share and look for feedback...

    [​IMG]Download jpg(81 KB) · More Actions[​IMG]"
  14. drew911d
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