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PONO - Neil Youngs portable hi-res music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by currawong, Sep 28, 2012.
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  1. miceblue

    [rule]This is directed to anyone: be very, very, very careful about what and where you buy with these so-called HD music albums. A year ago I ventured into the HD music scam. High resolution music: offering many times more resolution than a standard CD. Must be good, right? More resolution is better, right? Awesome, they have Michael Jackson's "Bad" album! One of the best-selling albums of all time. This must be in my music library! *buys 24/48 version, thinking it's better*

    Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope. This was probably one of my most regretful moments in my audio journey.

    A: Loudness war (I had no idea what this concept was at the time)
    ^ you can quite easily see that this was remastered as it has a clear line as to where the music's dynamic part stops

    B: CD-quality origin(?)
    ^ 44.1 kHz sampling rate is the Red Book standard; Nyquist sampling theory states that the maximum frequency obtained is half the sampling rate (44.1 kHz / 2 = 22.05 kHz); you can, again, easily see that the cutoff frequency was ~21 kHz here and there's added stuff above it in some parts of the song

    C: Clipping. Clipping as far as the eye can see....
    ^ words need not to be said

    As they say: garbage coming in, garbage coming out.
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  2. twizzleraddict
    It would be just cool to have Neil Young hand out the his engraved Signature player to those in attendance. To have the rest of the artists do the same at the listening party? Ultra cool and hip. Marketing genius!
    The rest of the folks here will be left to discuss the merits (or lack of) the player and the music store that will be launched. I'm not so interested in the player itself more so than what the content in the music store will contain. What are these artists talking about here? (http://www.ponomusic.com/#message) They are all describing a "warm analog" sound. And Neil has a whole lot of my favorite artists gushing over this... Will be interesting to see the catalog of music offered...
  3. alphabetagaga
    but what do ibasso, fiio, ak, sony and all others bring to the game that hasn't already been done? the pono may or may not bring anything new to your game, only your ears can decide if it brings anything new or not. ayre aren't stupid. the designers aren't stupid. there is a reason why it is that shape. if it sounds as good as people are saying then bring on the shape. the ny signature only cost me £240. a risk going into the unknown? who cares. £240 is not a bank breaker and i'll have no problem whatsoever getting my 'investment' back if i so desire. the project is extremely exciting. the project is less than 2 days old and raised $2.2m.
  4. cooperpwc
    I suspect that marketing is a big part of the shape. Nothing wrong with that but I personally think that there are better ways to organize space.
    I wish Neil good luck though I'm not really interested. Even if it is all a front for a decent sounding player plus better mastering, that's a step in a good direction.
  5. PalJoey
    His intentions seem to be good, but I really don't know what will come of this.
    I quite like the look of the player, but it doesn't appear to have a digital output. 
  6. bcpk
    Can anyone shine some light on what their info page means in this statement?
  7. ExpatinJapan
    Sounds similar to what the Fostex hpp1 has ( it has a choice of two filters).
    But i never really understood it myself :)
  8. ExpatinJapan

    From the manual.
  9. Foolwolf
    After reading I have one giant fear - it will be the iTunes and iPlayer situation all over.
    PONO-ecosystem is always in the referrals, the PONO app, sync files, use the desktop app to purchase, download and synch -
    I don't want that - I want files to sort MY WAY, to play in whatever way I PREFER and I will drag and drop them on the player of MY CHOICE.
    At first, yes a PONO player would be nice - but if it is locked in like it sounds - there's a nifty little button saying "cancel pledge".
    Have put all of my fears into questions to the PONO people so I hope I will get clear answers, and not just the stupid sales text all over again. :)
  10. Sauntere
    Please post the responses you receive.
  11. Bas72
    As it's possible to swap SD cards, I guess it's possible to drag&drop your files.
    I took the gamble, I'll give Neil the benefit of the doubt. I hope it's as good as I think it will be. (And if not: look for me in the classifieds section of head-fi. :)) At least I fully support Neil in his quest to bring back the experience in listening to music. There's nothing like full immersal in great sound.
  12. JacobLee89
    As far as I can tell. This may just be a useful reference for people without DAPs, and "potentially" an additional site for people to look for "music files".
    I don't have a DAP yet, so the pricing does seem reasonable. But the question remains: What can it drive? does it stack up well with a portable amp? My Human Factors and Ergonomics mind is questioning the comfort of this in any pocket.
  13. whatisitsci
    As far as I can tell it has a Sabre DAC chip (or is it Ayre?). Does anyone know/can anyone estimate how this might perform side by side with a Fiio, etc with the same source material?
  14. meat01 Contributor
    There is no way anyone can predict on how it will sound based on the DAC.
  15. whatisitsci
    Thanks for the reply
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