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PONO - Neil Youngs portable hi-res music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by currawong, Sep 28, 2012.
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  1. Sarah
    At 5" x 2" x 1" with awkward triangular corners, it may not fit in your pocket at all. Problem solved!
  2. flatmap
    Some of the best information available currently is in the FAQ on the Pono kickstarter page.  For example:
    Can I play digital music files I already own on my PonoPlayer?
    ...The PonoPlayer is designed to play PonoMusic with stunning clarity. However, the player can play almost any kind of music track including FLAC, ALAC, mp3, WAV, AIFF, AAC (unprotected).  What this really means is the PonoPlayer can play all your digital music, and all of it will sound great.

  3. Foolwolf

    I'll keep you posted, hope to hear from them soon regarding this.
    Using FLAC and having Linn records going ape all over suggests that it could be an open format and environment, but I want to know for sure.
  4. bpower
    This is such a good post. If you still do get it you're probably a lost cause.
  5. Bas72
    The Ponoplayer is about playing music, about experiencing sound, about being moved emotionally. That requires a good recording and a good device to reproduce the music. That's what Pono is about. Experiencing music does mean a lot to me, and if Pono is promising that, that's what I want to try. And I don't care if the source is 192/24, 96/24, 44.1/16, 22/8, 11/4 or 5/2, as long as I'm moved emotionally.
  6. Saraguie
    Many have called me a lost cause in the last 60 years :)  Called Neil the same IIRC from his Biography. Yet here we both be.
  7. RASeymour
    Looks like the old iRiver players from ten (?) years ago.
  8. Happy Hamlet
    Well, I could not resist and bought a Neil Young signature edition. I am very curious how it will sound. And yes, it does remind me of my old iRiver player I bought ca. 2003. I hope it does sound better, though :wink:
  9. bpower
    Only slightly off topic, but do you know of any sites that review new releases for their mastering. Maybe a list of "mastering critic recommended" new releases?
    bcpk and JacobLee89 like this.
  10. jnonweiler
    I'm absolutely looking forward to hearing how this sounds. What a curious little triangular device.... [​IMG]
  11. JacobLee89
    Quoting to bump. Now that would be the most useful thing ever for audiophile initiates such as myself.
  12. Actual Proof
    I'd be apt for this if I didn't have to buy my whole library again. And if it were true. I understand people want to hear more of their music, but this thing is a ripoff. Its the way so much of music is mastered and produced aka. the loudness war that has ruined music quality, not the file type.
  13. Megalith
    I'm genuinely surprised by the positivity toward this product based on the design, lack of specs, and marketing drivel that's spewed on the KS page.
  14. Happy Hamlet

    You are not alone, I was surprised myself when I ended up ordering one [​IMG]. I would advise newcomers to not believe the hype (and I think it is hype at this point) and keep expectations down - way down. Wait for independent reviews. Fight the 'new gadget' urge - I could not.
    Of course, secretly I hope the Pono will knock it out of the park sonically.
  15. JacobLee89
    The design is clearly not thought about, even Microsoft were intelligent enough to spill their product specs earlier, and the talk of 192 and the water level thing (found in the kickstarter video) is clearly nothing short of marketing propaganda.
    The only thing going for it is its price. But as far as alternatives are concerned, my money is on the X5 for its integrated amp. If I need a portable amp for something that isn't pocket friendly......
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