Pocket-size amp to go with LCD-2, $300 budget - is there such a thing?
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Jan 1, 2012
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Hi guys
Planning to buy the Audeze LCD-2 this week along with the Fiio X3 Player.
What i want is an amp that will fit in my pocket and that will not be too much bigger than the X3 Player. Willing to spend up to around the $300 max if possible.
I don't need to have the best sound ever - as long as the sound i get will still be fun and a BIG step up from a Denon AHD-2000 out of an iPod.
So far i have considered the iBasso PB2 ($369 in Australia), JDSLabs Objective 2 ($200 in Australia, favoring this at the moment) & the Corda 2 Stepdance ($359).
There are a couple of threads on this topic but they are a little out of date and not as specific as my needs.
Another one I am considering is the Fiio E12 which is very affordable at $129 - but the guy at the store laughed at me when i said i wanted to pair the E12 with the LCD's.
Are there any other suggestions guys? It's going to be for semi-portable use, mainly just moving around the house so pocket size is essential.
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get a refurbished arrow 3G from the official store - for just 200$ , imho this is an utter steal and amazing value-for-money

great amp , ultra-slim , pocket size , a great amp at a great price.
I had the 1G , upgraded to 4G (4N) and really i am in love with this little bugger


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