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Planes, Trains and Automobiles

  1. tkalee
    What's best for a long-haul flight?  Buying an Ety er6i, or getting tri-flanges on existing iems?  In other words, are etys so good at isolation just because of the tips?
  2. paulypaul
    Its not just the tips.
    The Etys have a sealed body as well as well as deep insertion.
    Also look at the Klipsch X5s or X10s with the dual flange gels.
    Their great isolation IEMs too
  3. Marcus_C
    If you're getting them specifically for long time listening you wouldn't be the only person if you didn't find them comfortable for that long, there are other earphones with very good eisolation depending on your budget. As for ety isolation, it's mainly a sealed and deep insertion, isolation isn't that much different with other tips.
  4. tkalee
    I'll look into the Klipsch.  I'm getting a pair of Ck10s, so don't really want to double up on er's.  I may try some triflanges for my CK10s, or (Shure?) triflanges for my UM2.
  5. bunch


    I got some ety tri flanges and mod'd them into biflanges for my um2's. Whilst on the train and walking in malls packed with people I can't hear a thing. This was with my ipod classic 7g on 40% volume, comfort is amazing it's like not having anything inside my ears. Make sure you use the smallest flange which you cut off as a spacer.
  6. yello131


    Hi, Are Ck10 sold in NZ?
  7. tkalee
    Thanks for the tips, guys.  (Get it, lol [​IMG])  I'll try to score some ety triples.  (Thanks, bunch)
    yello: No, they're not sold here.  I got mine online from accessoryjack.  However, it's been a week since I paid for them and they haven't even been shipped yet because of the Chinese New Year break.  Wotapain.  Guess I'll have to be patient!

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