Pioneer U-05 USB DAC/amp with dual ES9016

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by seeteeyou, Jun 16, 2014.
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  1. Cornan

    I know you are against putting anything in front of the U05...but if you want to make good use of the CCK you should check out USB Regen thread and the acrual product There is plenty of happy CCK/USB Regen users around. It will still be Core Audio! :wink:
  2. plakat

    Still true. But it's not only with the U05... I simply prefer devices with a clean interface implementation, so there's no need for additional cleanup.
  3. Cornan
    I hear you! Do understand your point of view as well.
  4. Cornan
    I just want to let you know that I did manage to check the clock resolution with Windows System Timer Tool and it turns out that I am actually running with 15,6 ms as I wanted.
    Another thing. If you run on Windows 10 I can recommend that you update to the latest 1511 version. You will not beleive it! Windows 10 v1511 sounds freaking awsome! :)
  5. soundsbetter
    Well, I've had mine for a few days now and am liking it more each day.
    Have just been listening to the 24-bit release of Deep Purple Made in Japan and I think this little beauty was made for rocking.
    Setup was easy, but I already had Jriver installed for another DAC so it was really only a case of installing the driver (downloaded from the web) and selecting the new Asio option.
    Now to consider getting 'better' headphones so that I can use the balanced connections.
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  6. Wurstteppich
    Just a note for Windows 10 users as I had a problem installing the 1.02 driver today. Here is the 1.03 driver, which works with Windows 10:
  7. Cornan
    Thanks, but this information was shared by @hercule earlier on this thread. If you want a tip for a simple, cheap and great SQ improvement for your Pioneer U-05 check out the SBooster VBUS Isolator which cuts off the 5v VBus power from your existing USB cable. The U-05 is self powered and do not need the VBus power and the v1.03 driver works without the handshake. :)
  8. Cornan
    Is there by any chance anyone on this thread who knows which kind of OP-AMPS Pioneer U-05 is using? Heard a lot of good things (sound wise) and less good things (Quality control) about Burson V5 discrete OP-AMP's and hoping with some luck that they might fit! :) I have never attempted to switch OP-AMP's before but are gathering knowledge to do so. The curiousity just kills me! :wink:
  9. Cornan
    BTW. If anybody is using a Uptone Audio USB Regen be sure to check out Elijah Audio Kovertible Lite 160 Regen Link (155mm lenght). I have recently got one for audition and are amazed of the improvement it brings to the table. Better and punchier bass performance, better 3D, more air, smoother, natural sounding, more precense, better instrument placement...well better of everything. The improved sq gives me shivers and makes my toes tapping big time. Not even a comparison to the solid adapter! :)
  10. GourouLubrik
    The Pioneer is far too complex for the average diyer, it has not been done with opamp rolling in mind. It use SOIC opamp soldered directly on the pcb.
    © Qobuz for pictures
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  11. Cornan
    Thanks, I figured it out by this Chinese website as well with detailed images of the Pioneer U-05: 
    Good to know which kind of op-amps used though. I ended up buying a APH 6,3A (5x20) tuning fuses since that was just about the only tweak-able thing I could find in there! [​IMG] 
  12. GourouLubrik
    On another forum, I got a PM about the Lock Range, but I'd like to gather more information about your settings.
    I wanted to know what is your safest value (with the additional ranges) for 44.1 / 88.2-96 / 176.4-192khz with the USB input ?
    1  is unusable for me, lots of dropouts.
    2. is usable with few dropout after the first seconds until 88.2/96khz, but 192khz has lots of dropouts.
    3. is ok for everything (did not retry dsd) - so I use 3.
    I have a (very) powerful PC - 4.7ghz 6700K, Windows 10 pro 64 bits, using the "special" usb DAC port of my motherboard (Gigabyte z170x-gaming 7)
    BTW, I use direct mode, and short filters.
  13. Cornan

    I would say that it depends on the Hi-Bit 32 and Up sample...but when using direct mode and short filter with extended lock range I have the very same ranges as you. When running with 32-Bit and maximum up sample that changes to 2, 3 & 4.

    BTW. Running a Lenovo Thinkpad x201 Windows 10 Pro 64-bit/JplayStreamer (DNLA/Upnp)/BubbleDS Next on Nexus 7 gen2 32gb/Fidelizer Pro/USB Regen with battery psu/AQ Jitterbug/no 5vbus power.

  14. vadergr
    Anyone paired it with planar headphone ?
    Especially fostex t50rp mk3 or entry level hifiman (400 series)
  15. GourouLubrik
    I did with a T50rp mod (ZMF Vibro), and the subjective result showed that it lacked power compared to beefy Violectric.
    But a mate was satisfied enough with a MrSpeakers Ether, so He also bought one unit. So power may prove satisfying for the most sensitives planars.
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