Pioneer U-05 USB DAC/amp with dual ES9016

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by seeteeyou, Jun 16, 2014.
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  1. Foolwolf
    I'm running it with my Hifimann 400i, sounds really nice and I'm very happy with how it sounds. Comparing with Oppo PM-3, Q701 and Fidelio X2, the 400i are really my go to cans for listening longer sessions.
  2. S-O8
    I use it with Oppo PM-2's and Audeze EL-8 (open).
    It is great with these headphones and the Oppo's are my preferred choice.   They compliment it brilliantly.   
  3. Cornan
    I have an issue with my Pioneer U-05 that I have had for a while. I have tried just about everything including changed my computer setup to Arurelic Aries Mini....but still the issue persists. Here is the symptomes that starts suddenly and not always:
    1. The sound starts slowly to crackle more an more. The sound is like the gain is suddenly switching rapidly from low gain to high gain. When the gain crackling ends I am running on high gain and even if I switch to low gain the sound level is the same. After a while the gain crackling suddenly stops and everything sounds normal again and the gain switch functions as normal (ie. high level on high gain and low level on low gain).
    2. Before this is happening my TH900 headphone cable usually seems to be very sensitive to movement. The sound is changing if I lift the cable from the floor...from a bit muddy (on the floor) and more airy (off the floor).
    I have tried just about anything from changing all the cables (USB cables & power cables), doing different settings (computer/Aries/Pioneer) and moving the audio gears to a different location in the same room (with different power outlets). It is getting very irritating. When I changed to Aurelic Aries Mini and the sound still persists I am getting totally out of suggestions.
    If there are any on this thread that have any clue what might cause these symtoms I would truly appreciate your suggestions.:) I am starting to wonder if it could be my Pioneer U-05?
  4. Cornan

    I have found the cause to my problems and will share it here for others with similar issues. It turns out that Pioneer U-05 does'nt like to be connected to my Minimus external ground. I have tried to dissconnect it before....but did'nt realize that the ground stays in the system for a while before the problem goes away. I have now connected the Minimus to my Aries Mini and router instead and everything works flawlessly.
    To sum it up. If you experiance similar issues they are likely ground related.
  5. Duncan Moderator
    Hopefully this thread still has some viewers...

    I have the Pioneer SE Master 1 headphones, and am currently using a Chord Hugo, sounds great - but, the 'system builder' in me thinks that this amp and the M1 were made for each other - does anyone think that getting the U05 would be a downgrade?

    (the one positive thing about over the Hugo is the XLR jacks - could upgrade the M1 cable...)

    Thoughts would be appreciated - musical tastes are generally female vocals / folk / simple... maybe a bit of EDM on an energetic day :)

  6. S-O8
    I looked at the Chord Hugo before I got the Pioneer - I simply preferred the sound of the Pioneer with my headphones ... Grado GS1000e and Oppo PM2 in the main.  I also use Audeze EL-8 open backed with it.  I have no regrets - the sound is clear and superbly controlled.   I would think for your sort of music you would love it ... though what you have is good and you are not going to notice huge things as I am sure you are aware.
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  7. Duncan Moderator
    Fair point, and thank you for the reply...

    My time was running out on the 'guaranteed before midday' delivery for tomorrow, so - I bit the bullet and placed the order, is good to receive this feedback, and - makes me think that an all Pioneer system will sound very nice indeed...

    I'm also eyeing up the balanced cable for the M1 :D
  8. Duncan Moderator

    So, good news, I like this amp fresh out of the box :)

    But... everything shows as 32bit (i.e. PCM 44.1/32) even on direct mode (hi bit 32 disabled) - that doesn't seem right to me, has anyone else experienced / remedied this?

    (To add, this is using my cellophane and UAPP, until I can make space by my PC)

    Thanks :)
  9. Duncan Moderator
    Strange, with DSD I can go to minimum, redbook FLAC I need four dashes...

    Guessing something is not quite right there!
  10. Duncan Moderator
    Something funny here - Pioneer state that the unit can play back up to DSD128 (5.6mhz) but - I'm running DSD256 (11.2mhz) right now as the ESS9016 supports it - but, the display just shows dashes for the bitrate (i.e. no signal)...

    Maybe Pioneer thought that there was no need for Quad DSD back when it was conceived, even though the hardware can support it.
  11. Cornan

    This was some time ago when I was another setup. On my current setup it is actually impossible to acheive the same setting. Playing Tidal FLAC's with Aurelic Aries Mini>USB Regen>Pioneer U-05 I can still acheive 3 dashes with Tidal FLAC's and high upsampling though and two dashes if not using upsampling at all. BTW no 5v is running through my USB cables.
  12. ti5002000
    Anyone tried the hd800 in balanced mode with the pioneer ?
  13. krl25sc
    I'd be very interested in this too, I've been very impressed with the U-05 and HD800 combination so far...
  14. Marshal Banana
    I had this setting for several month and the U05 is in my opinion a great paring with the HD800 in balanced mode.
    I had at the same time the hdvd800 and ended to sold it as the pioneer amp did to my ears an equaly good job with the HD800 for far less money.
    As the hdvd800 the sound is very well balanced and controled through the spectrum with no harshness. You can also play with the different settings available on the U05 to match your sound preferences.
    At the end, I think the pioneer is a very good value and can be very versatile. I used it also with an Ether (open), and prefered it to the Cavalli Carbon that I also own. Until now I had/have several sources/amp, but I think the Pioneer is one of the most satisfying buy I did.
  15. ti5002000
    It is possible to use the Pionner only as an amp?I think not but only to be sure...
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