Pioneer U-05 USB DAC/amp with dual ES9016

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by seeteeyou, Jun 16, 2014.
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  1. Limu Shirin
    Hi, No because it doesn't have any RCA or XLR stereo inputs. and It's basically
    a preamp.
  2. Limu Shirin
    anybody else getting background hiss with sensetive cans or IEMs or is itjust my unit?
  3. tonehk
    Can somebody confirm that using U-05 as USB DAC with Mac OSX is working with no problems. i see from the pioneer website there is a driver for Mac OS which is quite unusual as all DACs i have used so far are driverless for Mac. Thanks
  4. Shure or bust
    So go oppo ha-1 in a heart beat ? Due to poor amp section
  5. Hikoki
    Seems like this thread is long dead. But I'll give it a go anyway. Has anyone been using the Pioneer with the Chromecast Audio and it's optical in? If yes, how does it sound?
    Thanks a bunch to anyone willing to respond,
  6. Cornan
    I now use a Brooklyn DAC, but I did try the ChromeCast Audio with optical in. It sounded much better than expected, but I did have a bunch of other stuff too to optimize SQ. Here are some of them:

    1. CCA (with Chord C-Lite toshlink)+TP-Link UE300 wireless adapter+OTG power splitter+TP-Link DSG-105. Al powered by a single floating SMPS (Gophert csp-3205II) plus LT3045 voltage regs in series via a DC terminal.
    2. BubbleDS Next and BubbleUPnP Server installed on Android tablet controlling CCA.
    3. All devices plugged into a Peaktech 2240+ATL DC Blocker trap filter+PowerWalker BlueWalker AVR 1200VA.

    Like this it sounded just great! :)

    PS. since I am not active on Head-Fi my setup here is totally wrong. My CA profile is updated though. DS.
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  7. Hikoki
    Oh dear me, how on earth have you accumulated so much gear . Sounds overwhelming and overcomplicated for my needs! ☺️ I just want to keep things as simple as possible. Kind of along the lines of the simplicity of CCA. So in my scenario I basically just stream Spotify Premium and my own flac music off my tablet using CCA enabled music player into my ifi iCan which works well with my DT880 600.My only concern has been what an outboard DAC I should add in the chain to possibly improve the SQ of the analog output of the CCA. I have tried Dacs before including the the well-regarded Schiit Modi multibit. However, I did not really hear much if any increase difference in SQ compared to the CCA analogue out, which honestly gave me a bit of surprise. Hence my inquiry as to the quality of the Pioneer.
    Anyway, thank you a lot for taking the time to reply and have a great holiday. ☺️
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  8. Cornan
    Yeah, it was complicated alright! Unfortunately there is very few short-cuts for a great sound. However, if you want to make the most of CCA I can recommend that you atleast buy the iFi SPDIF iPurifier. Without it you will not come close to something like Auralic Aries Mini or similar.

    A Happy New Year! :)
  9. mark44

    Please, I need help.
    I connect win 10 and pioneer, via a usb cable.
    If I turn on the PC and the amp, (setting it on the USB input) and open an audio file, I do not hear anything.
    But strangely if I leave that audio file open for half an hour or more, at some point it starts to work.

    I think it's a software problem
    Please help

    Thank you
  10. Marshal Banana
    I have the same problem since several weeks now. I have to wait about half an hour before the amp get recognized by my computer. I'm under Windows 7. It's a very strange issue like the DAC need some kind of warm up before being able to work.
  11. magicman
    Any ideas how the toslink input is implemented on this beast ? I mean is this handled by some cheap spdif receiver or maybe reclocked by some fpga fifo before it goes to the DAC ? Have you noticed the difference between usb & toslink ?

    As for the amp I am just wondering - because there can't be only tpa6120, there are also visible 4 pairs of quite big transistors on the headphone amp PCB. Maybe tpa6120 is used for SE output and discrete section for balanced or maybe tpa6120 works only as voltage gain stage and 4 pairs of transistors for current (this could be very nice and tricky solution in this application).
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2018
  12. magicman
    Any ideas what is the maximum voltage of headphone out (SE / Balanced) ? I mean Vrms to calculate max power for different impedances. Is it able to drive something like 600 ohms beyer dt880 from balanced output ? Or is it too weak, I mean the output voltage. I could easily measure it by generating 50Hz sinus wav file (@ 0db), then play it with maxed volume and measure AC voltage by using multimeter (there will be RMS value, or even if it's not real RMS multimeter, it will work because it uses proper formula then for 50Hz AC, that's why it's important to generate exactly this wav file, this is btw nice idea to measure any output that I designed some time ago to test some stuff and it works perfectly fine).

    I was just wondering what are the capabilities of this amp (from simple calculation if it's 300mW per channel for 32ohms impedance, it looks like it is about 3,1Vrms and usually it can be a bit higher for less demanding loads like 300 or 600ohms but not too much).

    Then it should be OK in the terms of power for most of the dynamic headphones (from balanced output), even 600ohm where something about 2V usually gets the job done. Of course there is also sensitivity that matters (to achieve certain sound pressure level from generated power) but it should be OK for most of them.

    I will have this unit in a couple of days so I can measure it.

    The only problem can be with classical music, with low average level of recording. Above calculations are only for 0dB recording (peak level). If it's like in the mid of max range it can be not enough to achieve satisfying level of sound pressure, especially with large dynamics, some quiet passages might be barely listenable ;/

    That's why having something like 5Vrms in for instance M-DAC is much better for high impedances headphones/classical recordings stuff.

    Edit: There will be no measurements, sorry, I auditioned pioneer u-05, aune s6 and I was like Meh ... Tried questyle 400i (unplanned, as extra bonus) that crashed them both into &^#*@ with ak4490 + current mode amplifier

    But from what I heard, pioneer was really mighty in terms of driving headphones, even on SE output that by the way I liked more with High Z headphones that I tested. Maybe for something like HE-4 could be lacking a bit of power because of extremely low sensitivity like 86,5dB/mw but for dynamic headphones it is more than you'll ever need. But overall regarding sound quality of dac and amp I heard better stuff, much better ... For classical music itself I would pick cheaper aune s6 (even though this is crap comparing to older S16, amp is very weak even on XLR output and dac seems to sound a bit pale and not engaging emotionally, I had to turn the volume up to open it up somehow, S16 was in completely different league, cost cutting etc, no FIFO, no reclock, another PCB and cheaper parts like transformer etc, very simplified design when you look at the inside)
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