Pictures - Revenge of the Silver AKG's
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Nice shots! They don't make cans like they used to.
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Sheer beauty!

...all those silver AKG on a row.
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OMG - Sweet AKG K141 - my first cans ever. I could still remember how good they sounded listening to Marillion's Script for Jester's Tears vinyl back in early eighties.
Thanks for nice pics, they brought some good memories back. Cheers.

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Originally Posted by Czyrix /img/forum/go_quote.gif
AKG makes such lovely headphones, they don't sound too shabby either.

They also make nice microphones. I have a couple of their Perception 170s (one of their cheaper mics), and they sound sweeeeeeet. Head over to the Live Music Archive and you can find recordings made with quite a variety of AKG mics.

At some point, I'm going to have to try some of their 'phones - but I'm not sure quite where to start. Sextetts would be one place to go (given their Grado-like reputation), too bad they're out of production, though.

Then again, I might like something that's different from both my SR60s and my DT770s. K 701/702 is out of my budget, though.

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