Pictures of Your Portable Rig (part XVI)
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I have totally changed course today and also realize at $97.93 (Shipped) this entire rig should be in Budget HiFi rigs but based on just SQ alone I have to re-evaluate all these other high dollar (once again not to some of you because my single item limit is $400) because this little rig may not offer all the luxuries like screen for album art, Bluetooth, playlist however you can tag your MSD card to play somewhat to your desire. I get so immersed in the music with this rig I can't help but think I'm a little stupid sometimes (OK, maybe a lot of the time):rolling_eyes:

How are the ZS6's?
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How are the ZS6's?

Well I sure think they are worth there current asking price. IMO they are KZ's best offering to date. The shells and drivers are worth the price of admission. The fact that they sound great is a bonus.
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Opus #2 -> Dita Truth interconnect - > Platlab Phantasy Class A tube amp - > Grado PS500.

Sounds really awesome!!!

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Is that the Ref. 8? If so, do you like it? It's an improvement over the Litz cable?
Thanks in advance.

That absolutely looks like the Ref8 to me.
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Is that the Ref. 8? If so, do you like it? It's an improvement over the Litz cable?
Thanks in advance.

Yes that is a Ref 8 cable. Sound-wise I like the cable - gets across a clean midrange and the right amount of sparkle in the highs while maintaining good bass quantity and quality that some spc or silver cables can miss.

Haven't tried tried the Litz cable but I do own ALO's cheaper cable that they are phasing out, the Tinsel, and the Ref 8 is noticeably better on all fronts from soundstage to details to tone/body. In comparison the tinsel just seems thin - lacks bass and lower midrange weight which leaves the highs feeling a bit overexposed in my experience

Ergonomics wise though I echo Pinky's review regarding microphonics - this cable loves to pick up the slightest brush up against fabric, but the Tinsel suffers similar issues so I assume that might be true of the Litz as well, if that's the cable you're coming from currently
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Every day the same difficult question: Which of these beauties should I use today? :sunglasses:


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