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Pictures of Your Portable Rig (part XVI)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by ringingears, Oct 26, 2012.
  1. qafro
    What are they?
  2. Tony1110
  3. ozkan

    I guess the internal amp of Paw 5000 isn't powerful enough right?
  4. ozkan

    Hey I loved the pink color. How do they sound?
  5. h1f1add1cted
    On low gain you have 0,23 V and on high gain 1,31 V output power. My Sennheiser HD 800 on high gain works on the PAW 5000 really not bad, but it can be better. Optical toslink to the Mojo is a really good thing, or use line out to a powerful amp.
  6. Tony1110

    PAW 5000 sounds good but the Q-Jays are pretty revealing of source and I prefer the cleaner sound of the Mojo. For such unassuming little IEMs they scale pretty high. Nothing to do with power.
  7. Sonyvores
    My set up for today =)
    AeroSatan likes this.
  8. Deftone
    it might be the best but id rather sacrifice a bit of SQ for something more simple.
  9. Marat Sar
    So what's in there? A mojo, but the others? (Pure 2 and ak 100?)
  10. sp3llv3xit

    Top:  AK100 (first gen)
    Bottom: Custom Cmoy amp
  11. sp3llv3xit
    For IEMs, that is advisable.  I am merely testing the limits of the Mojo in driving the HD800.
    Then again, to each his own in this hobby.
  12. deltronzero

    AK240SS to Mojo to VorzAmp Pure II+ to Layla ver. 2 with upgraded cables. Yeah I know.
  13. ThecRA1SEr
    FiiO X3 2gen
    Inear Stagediver SD2 with comply tips
  14. Marat Sar
    I'm thinking of something like that, but truth is - there is currently no way to own the best source and make it compact enough to call it really portable. Triple-stacking just doesn't fit into the pocket.
    This is a real source of distress in my life currently, believe it or not :D
  15. sp3llv3xit
    The Lotoo PAW Gold.

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