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Pictures Of Your High End System (Please see the first pages for examples of what should be posted here)

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by yikes, Jul 16, 2008.
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  1. watchdog507
    I bought the stand after measuring the Woo WA5-LE and searching for a week to find something that would accommodate the Amp.

    It's Modular so you can grow or shrink it as your needs change.

    The Stand is a:

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  2. 336881
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  3. protoss
    Impressive you have the Legendary Sony DAS-R1 !

    I think I should also get a shelve like that to to fit all my gear. Got too many legendary *** laying on the ground and only two things at a time i can play with on the table. :frowning2:

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  4. Sterling2
    You might be a Sony fan? Here's a pic of another Sony legendary piece, maybe just in my own mind, but, thought I'd share, don't mean to hijack the thread. 24641850610_4da97510b2_z.jpg
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  5. Sterling2
    Here's the whole system: 23825592441_e2c42919d3_z.jpg
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  6. protoss
    Heck yes I am a Sony fan ! Actually a 1970 to 2004 Sony fan to be specific lol ! Even thou i enjoy their Sony PlayStation 4 (2013)
    Back than Sony made best Headphones,speakers,Turn-tables, CD-players, DAT, portable-players, DVD, etch....

    That is a nice looking Sony PCM-7010F

    On youtube a nice video on the
    SONY DAT PCM-7030
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  7. Sterling2
    The PCM-7030 and 7050 were all about editing audio for broadcast. The 7030 was used as player and 7050 was used as recorder when connected to the RM-D7300 Digital Editor. My PCM-7010F's are connected to an RM-D7200 Remote. It permits simple auto editing. The F units have time-code reader/generator, as well as pro and consumer digital inputs/outputs. My units also have the memory start board installed. I used to use the units to archive radio commercials, which my ad agency produced. Back in the early 1990's most everyone in the radio advertising production business went from mastering commercials onto 1/4 reel to reel to mastering on DAT; and, DAT copies were FedEx'd to radio stations scheduled to run the commercials. Once CD Recorders came out, DAT was just used for mastering, since CDs were more economical to mail to stations. Then when mp3 appeared, mastering was to hard drive and commercials were emailed to stations. Thus, the DAT Recorder became obsolete. Nevertheless, I've held on to mine because they just sound so good. I use them today to record YouTube digital audio at 16/48, like all the DJ'd versions of the 4 Strings song Take Me Away. At any rate, most of my other Sony stuff is from 1978 to 2000, all ES, except my PS-4750 Turntable, which is pre ES. It was my first Sony. It worked so well, I continued with the brand. My other cherished piece is a TC-K950es Compact Cassette Recorder. It recently needed repair, $225 worth, but it was worth it. I still use the deck to produce playlists for my 2000 Camaro with factory cassette player. Fun stuff.
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  8. drabbish
    4F345E02-32EC-4E5E-B1B6-0A2677B27F40.jpeg Ok I’ll play this game
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  9. Fafner
    Here is mine. At the very bottom a Stax SR009 in its case, then my old Marantz SA-7S1 which is pretty much not used nowadays, then T+A's MP3000HV (super player!), and at the top a Malvalve Headamp Three in its silver variant, with the 2 optionally added front outputs (XLR4 + Stax).

    Last edited: Nov 17, 2018
  10. ossidian

    IMG_0204.jpg IMG_0203.jpg
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  11. Lurker0918
    Wow, that is a gorgeous amp!
  12. Zhanming057
  13. ossidian
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  14. alphanumerix1

    These pics are great, mind outlining the lighting and camera setup via pm?
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  15. Zhanming057
    Just sent you a PM
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