Pictures Of Your High End System (Please see the first pages for examples of what should be posted here)

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by yikes, Jul 16, 2008.
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  1. DaveBSC


    Maybe re-shoot this with the display off? Everything is underexposed as to not completely blow out the white area.
  2. KingStyles Contributor
    It was  taken with a little bloggie video camera. It has no flash. It does all right when a lot of light is present, but sucks any other time. I really need to buy a camera.
  3. dagothur

    A very nice bedroom setup with a collection 333% the size of mine.  Bravo sir.
  4. sachu
    Just got the TV installed ont he wall, but not too comfortable about it nor am I convinced i like it there. Also need to next invest in an AV rack or have one DIYed. Kingstyles' you need to hook me up to your guy in Seattle! 
    But its slowly getting there.
  5. travisg
    Part of my system that I'm very proud of. photo3.jpg
  6. OmoNemo

    My beloved system.
  7. n3rdling
    Bunch of nice dipole setups guys :)
  8. milosz
    I have the Quad ESL-57's and also a pair of Magnepan MG 3.6's triamped with a DEQX, I really dig that planar / dipole sound.
    The MG 3.6's are nicely improved by the DEQX and I really like the depth and scope of the image from these big line sources. Overall resolution etc is also very good.
    And the Quads, there is just something magical about their upper bass / lower mids.  It seems so hard to get this range just right, and the Quads really do.  The MG 3.6's are no slouch here, but the Quads just have that extra amount of coherency in this range... amazing things they made at Quad way back when.  And in a small room, they play sufficiently loud for my taste, and with very tight bass.
    My Red Rose speakers are very nice; their bass is good, very tuneful and detail, warmth, imaging etc are all "high end" - but it's the  planar speakers that really captivate me.  
    I got my Red Rose speakers on Amazon for a super duper cheap price, like around $1000.  For that price they are killer. They are also pretty efficient, like around 92 dB, AND they have really pretty wood- nice figure in it- which makes them nice to look at. Sycamore.
    IMG_0437.jpg             IMG_0430.jpg
  9. DjAmTraX

    Maggies and Mc275, magic.  Very nice photo.
  10. sachu

    Nice, am on the lookout for some Mye stands. And the Macintosh 275 is a nice little tube amp too with the magnepans. Though I heard the 275 with the 1.7s 
    Strangely, i preferred the 1.6 sound much more.
    Need to really invest in a pair of nice AV racks so i can make my system more eye pleasing :)
  11. indydieselnut
    I might call this "almost high-end" but I really enjoy the sound.  It's great to see so many speaker rigs on head-fi but I thought I'd post a picture of my listening nook.  The most important piece of gear (that you can't see) is my Best Chair "Beast" recliner...lets my whole body relax into the music!  I'm still tube rolling with the MAD Super II but I have loved the Rega Saturn for some time and don't plan to switch for the forseeable future.  So many beautiful systems here!
  12. mrarroyo Contributor
    ^ nice combo you have there. Love the look of Dr. Lloyd amps!
  13. Mario_Fpolis
  14. RuiCanela


  15. RuiCanela


    Great photo, really beautiful. And great system!
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