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Pictures Of Your High End System II (Same Rules Apply)

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by greed, Mar 17, 2013.
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  1. Greed
    I was looking for this amazing thread earlier today and couldn't find it! After looking at the old thread when I was just starting my journey into audiophilia, I gained a bunch of inspiration when I looked at some peoples amazing rigs. I hope that we can continue this tradition, and share the fruits of our labor. Hopefully it was just a passive reason why the old one was locked. In hope that it was... Lets keep it going!
    Still have a lot of things to setup after rearranging my setup, selling things off, and moving... but here are a few of my toys. I'm floored by how good the new LG sounds, ahh... it feels good to be in Summit-Fi.
    More pictures to come! And sorry for the bad lighting/quality, still moving in.
  2. MorbidToaster
    Yay this thread is back. Good choice on all accounts. 
    Here's a repost of my system although I should have a new picture in a few days as we've moved to another room.
  3. Greed
    Two very good albums, huge Gorillaz fan. Bet they sound amazing on vinyl!
  4. MorbidToaster
    That's probably the most valuable LP in my collection, actually (Demon Days).
    I got a decent deal on it and it's in good shape. Definitely one I was excited to get. Great album.
  5. Greed
    Indeed. It is, not sure which album I like better Demon Days or Plastic Beach... 
  6. Maxvla Contributor
    Self titled, IMO.
  7. project86 Contributor
    Just a few highlights of the system as it currently stands. Terrible pictures though...
    NuForce DAC-100 on top, Resonessence Labs Invicta on bottom
    Auralic Taurus with T1, Thunderpants, LCD-2.2, and Frogbeats C4 customs
    Matrix X-Sabre DAC on top, Yulong P18 power conditioner on bottom
    Firestone Audio Tobby DAC on top, Bobby amp on bottom
    Icon Audio HP8 MkII, hard to see on the left but there's the JH13 FP and a Unique Melody PP6 hiding in there somewhere
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  8. MorbidToaster
    I honestly thought Demon Days was quite a cut above their other albums. Plastic Beach was alright but I'd say their first 2 are still the best.
    To stay more on topic, how do you like that P18, project86? I'm considering one for my system.
  9. project86 Contributor
    I dig it. It seems more oriented towards headphone systems than your average massive 12 outlet monstrosity. And it helped fix an annoying hum in my bedroom setup.
    I'm still trying to evaluate any generalized performance gains. I'm of the opinion that power conditioning tends to be a "last few percent" type of upgrade (at most) and therefore one shouldn't expect immediate improvements to jump out. We'll see. 
  10. MorbidToaster
    It's cheap enough for me to consider and I like the size a lot. 4 outlets is all I need...which is nice.
    TT, Phono stage, integrated, DAC.
  11. mrcasey
    Here is the gear I currently have out in the field with me.  Helps pass the time in the middle of nowhere.  I have had the Yulong stack for a while now.  Currently breaking in the Lynx Hilo before it goes into my 2 channel system back home.
    CIEM's are Heir 8.A.
    Yulong U18 is just there for the photo.  Since I have the Hilo along this trip I am using it as a USB converter for the D18.
    Patiently waiting for Yulong to finish up the D8/A8 which I have ordered..  LCD 3's waiting at home for me.
  12. project86 Contributor
  13. MorbidToaster
    I want your Hilo and your P18. D:
  14. Leonardo Drummond
    What's that Yulong on the bottom?
    Anyway, here's my contribution. There have been some updates to the headphone system, which now has a GS-X! Also, I got rid of my K1000 and just have the HP1000 and HE500.
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  15. mrcasey
    Nice crib.  The bottom item is the Yulong P18 power conditioner.
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