Pictures of your DAC Post them here!
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Nice dac,

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Not a very common DAC but this Lead Audio LA-100 is really awesome, It got a 10 in a review from an audio magazine where DAC's that cost 3 times more got a 5.
It is designed by Søren Mac Larsen and asembled in Denmark.
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Havana by MHDT
This dac is modded with ELNA, Auricap (by Audience), V-Cap OIMP, Russian Silver Mica capacitors; WBT conectors, WE (JW) 396A tube, bnc conector.  I use Havana with A-RT Legato transport, on coaxial bnc conectors, amp. eXStatA (DIY) by Alex Cavalli and STAX SR-404LE. Thank's.
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My lowly Aune mini USB DAC MK 2
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FiiO E17

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