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Philips Golden Ears challenge

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by moolok, Jan 26, 2014.
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  1. scottcriswell
    I'm currently working on the mp3 artifacts, taking a break for dinner. . Using a Schiit Uber ModiMagni combo and HD 700s
  2. scottcriswell
    Finally got through it by switching back and forth really fast and listening for which track had a louder high hat.
  3. Takeanidea

    When are we going to see a Golden Ears picture from you Scott? Don't give up........
  4. scottcriswell
    I might finish it this week, just have two more sections and the quiz
  5. JeffThomas
    Finished Golden Ears last night with my Monoprice 8323 plugged straight into my Lenovo laptop.  The hardest parts for me were the high frequency tests (surprised I passed that!) and the bitrate.  I found the easiest way was to not try to pick out specific sounds but to just listen to the music and then it became obvious.  The bitrate test is especially useful for those that debate what size files they should be storing/playing.  I'll stick with high def.
  6. sonitus mirus
    I don't think so, as we have no idea what encoder or settings were used and the highest bitrate tested is only 160 kbps or lower.
    With the latest iTunes AAC or Lame MP3 encoder using higher bit rates, the differences become exceptionally challenging to hear.  If anything, the bitrate test should cause many people to reconsider using one of the various subscription streaming services and save any purchases for the occasional gems that are discovered.
  7. AKGunkie
    If we can pick out differences in tracks we don't know, what about tracks we know extremely well? I think Lossless has its place for storage purposes as once you transcode the information you have lost can never be regained. Also, considering buying an mp3 album or CD cost about the same you might as well control as much of your setup as possible. If you have "perfect" files its one less thing to worry about when it comes to quality.
  8. RRod
    I think we overestimate our long-term audio memory. More useful in a test would be general experience in hearing the artifacts that lossy codecs produce.
  9. JeffThomas

    I found that trying to "listen" for specific artifacts was difficult.  Especially on my low fi setup.  But when I just listened to the music and stopped trying to focus on differences, it became obvious.  So practice in hearing artifacts may be helpful but I'm not sure its necessary.
  10. RRod
    For passing the GE test, probably not. My comment was addressing higher rates and/or newer codecs and how our memory of a song would help us differentiate them versus the uncompressed file.
  11. ttueni
    Just got Golden Ears status with my Koss Porta Pros and my 50 year old ears.
  12. musicphotolife
    I got mine in Feb this year, but just came across this thread and glad to know that I'm not alone in getting stuck with the frequency band test.
    I came across the test while attending the 2015 Philips Fidelio Media Launch.
  13. Takeanidea
    You got there in the end! Well done it's not easy....
  14. Sh0eBoX
    Finally! Came across this challenge a couple days ago while browsing the X2 thread as I just got these not too long ago. Thought I'd give it a shot. Most everything was fairly straight-forward, although I definitely struggled for a long time with the MP3 bit rate challenge in the Silver Ears section. After that, the only other tall task was the frequency bands on music. As others stated, though, that one seemed to be more about memorization than anything else.
    Feels good to have finally completed this after having so much trouble with the bit rate portion :p
  15. Takeanidea
    Excellent well done. Gives a different perspective on our hobby aswell.... Am no longer so worried about using EQ and I am now of the opinion that the mastering quality of an album may well be more important than what the bit rate is
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