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Philips Golden Ears challenge

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by moolok, Jan 26, 2014.
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  1. Moolok
    So, you think you have a great setup and excellent ears capable to spot sligh imperfections and colorizations in sound?
    If so log in here and take part in Philip's Golden Ears challenge (note: I have nothing to do with Philips whatsoever, just stumbled upon this and wanted to share it).

    And moderators, if there is already a thread about this or the forums is wrong, feel free to delete or move the topic.
    I personally am still struggling with the basic level. Either my gear isn't all that good or I'm tone deaf [​IMG]
  2. cswann1
    This looks pretty neat.  I'll probably take the challenge for the fun of it, but even tho my hearing health is pretty good, when it comes to audio equipment I can usually only tell very blatant differences. 
  3. ralphp@optonline
    Thanks for the link! I have completed the Basic level and now I'm moving onto to the Bronze Ears section.
  4. RockCrayfish
    Well...that was fun!
  5. Moolok
    Wow! Already? Congrats!
  6. Moolok
    Ok, finished the Basic Level. The hardest part for me was Timbre/Coloration section and especially 5 db part.
    Tomorrow I shall continue towards Bronze Ears :)
  7. RockCrayfish
    That's awesome. I think the Frequency Band test in the Golden Ears section was the most frustrating and longest for me.
  8. GrindingThud
    Yes, definitely the hardest part for me!!
    Most of the effects are not subtle though....HD558 straight out of the front of a PC is good enough to make it through.
  9. SonusAudio
    Pretty cool challenge.
    Setup: AKG K545 and FiiO X3 as USB DAC.
  10. ForceMajeure
    That was fun,
    although the mp3 bitrate challenge wasn't easy.
    Used gear Sony mdr-7520, 6 year old crappy dell laptop available at the time.
  11. SgtMattBaker
    Wasted about 10-15 minutes on timbre in golden ears, hardest thing for me.
  12. TMRaven
    Damn, this is a long process.  Spent 20 minutes to complete basic level.  No wonder they offer a save option.
  13. GrindingThud
    I find it fascinating that different people have trouble with different areas. Some of them I could click through with ease... barley half a second on each one and others I felt lucky to get through at all.

  14. Moolok
    Indeed. I'm still at basic level. Haven't had time or opportunity to continue uninterrupted...
  15. linglingjr
    This looks pretty fun. I take my last final today and then I'll try this with my HD600s once I get home.
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