petition to ban/delete threads about active ebay auctions
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i see no issues. if people really want something they will pay for it, this petition looks to only apply to those who are too impatient to also watch the forsale forums.
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Like he says in that thread, he put it up after the auction closed, so there wasn't more bidding because of it. That said, I think this thread is fairly useless and people should be allowed to post active auctions if they want. It may be annoying, but it is good for the seller and there will be other auctions that are good deals.
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Been here 3 months and he wants to run the place?

This has probably been discussed ad nauseaum. What is really funny is by the time the link is posted everyone who is looking already knows about it.

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Mitch, that has NOT been my experience. I'd sign such a petition any day. Posts announcing an effort to sell (before its' conclusion) on another venue have no place on Head-Fi.
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I vote no on this as well. People should be allowed to post what they post. Given how much hits those threads get (And they aren't just filled with vitrol) obviously some people find them interesting.
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I vote for a pardon
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Out of 10 posts how many signatures do you have lol 1?
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Originally Posted by Fitz /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Is it just me, or do the most of the very vocal complainers have some kind of severe entitlement complex?

I noticed as well.

BUT! How can you not be won over by his superior reasoning?! "srsly"
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Tell someone who cares. If people want to post ebay links, why not. You don't have to read them.

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