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PETEREK (formerly cCasperTFG) MOD & Cable Thread

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  1. Paul Graham
    Some of us only just put claims in. Paypal isn't the issue. ( Well apart from them liking to hang onto money for weeks. )
  2. InsanityOne
    An update on my story for any who are interested: I've mostly given up on any of my gear / money that are still in Brandon's possession. I've had a custom order out to him since Feb. 17th of 2016 for a one-off AKG K701 mod with custom paint, detachable cables, etc. I just checked my records and saw that I paid $165 for the mods and then sent him the K701 which I got used for $150.

    The last update / communication I got from him (which was unrelated to the K701 project) was via. Etsy on Feb. 27th of 2018. The last update (with photos) that I got of the K701' project was on Aug. 1st 2017, and showed that they were pretty much beyond repair and that the project still had a "TBA" completion date. I doubt I will be able to start a dispute for the $165 through PayPal since the transaction is so old, but it is sad that I won't at least get a functional pair of K701's back. For those of you in a similar situation as me, you have my sympathy; and for those of you with a story you wish to tell, feel free to do so, we may be able to use the written accounts here in some way down the line.
  3. Cloudtastrophe
    Well i am just going to keep crossing my fingers and hope that hes doing okay. I feel like opening up a paypal dispute is just going to make his situation worse.

    And even if i did, the amount i would be getting back wouldnt begin to cover the all the gear i sent to him to be modified xD

    I really want to believe that hes a good guy like everyones been saying. this isnt my first time ordering from him either.
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  4. bvng3540
    You might as well glue those fingers together, so it wont get tired
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  5. Voxata
    It's over, time to stop the pleasantries and file disputes/investigate legal action.
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  6. Fbass4u
    I agree with both, like crossing finger is goin go to solve this problem.
    And we need to band together and start some legal action, also it be nice if the forum banned him as well since he seems to have taken advantage of the beauty that this forums brings.
  7. Paul Graham
    Just a running update. Paypal claim & Facebook... Still NOTHING from Brandon. Not a peep.
    If this were the other way around I would be reaching out, Even if just to apologise. But all I get is silence.
  8. damex
    Sadly i can’t open claim or anything. I paid around feb/march this year.
    Sucks that Brandon is ignoring us... I don’t even know what to think
  9. 3083joe
    No respose for me either. Have tried and tried. Been over a year trying to get to him on my purchases. Spent lots and now nothing. Real shame. Lots of money gone... waited to long with PayPal also.
  10. damex
    did someone tried contacting him through facebook? maybe posting on his timeline in comments about this issue?

    I am far behind PayPal dispute/claim time frame.
    not sure if there is anything else that could be done.

    I tried contacting over:
    - Etsy
    - Facebook
    - Mail
    - Head-Fi

    no response. he seem to be alive and doing pretty well.

    I have ~650$ on my last order ;(
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2018
  11. Paul Graham
    If you go back the last few pages you'll see I already said that I have.
    I just got a paypal refund after they had NO response from him.
  12. damex
    okay. thanks. sad situation.
    trying to ask PayPal if they could help.
  13. Briger
    So I just got an email from brandon.peterek@yahoo.com (not sure if anyone has talked to him using this email). It had the headphones I shipped him in the subject line, and a tracking code. Really weird. Anyone else get something similar?
  14. damex
    I tried to send him a mail, (this is his mail) and he simply doesn’t reply. Does he reply to you on that mail?
  15. Briger
    No, he hasn't said anything since he sent the tracking code. And this is the first time he's done anything via email. Previously, we only communicated on etsy, and he stopped replying there in like April.
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