Peter123's $250+ amp/DAC combo thread 12 amp/dac's compared

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by peter123, Aug 5, 2016.
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  1. willowbrook
    Hey peter, first of all, thank you for all the comparisons. You really got me intrigued about geek out products. I currently have a mojo and I plan to replace it. Not because I want an upgrade, but something different for better matching as I find the mojo a bit too relaxed with small soundstage. It's also pretty heavy to carry it around. Would you think the v2+ infinity would be a good choice? I plan to use mine with my laptop.
  2. peter123

    Thanks mate, glad you enjoy it.

    The V2+ is indeed a great option to the Mojo imo. It has the same sq but a different charcteris with more attack without being fatiguing. I'm not sure I'd recommend it for permanent laptop duty though because it will not charge while in use. For your usage I think the 2A might be better suited. It's pretty much identical to the V2+ through the balanced output and not far behind from the single ended either. My guess is that adding something like the iPurifier or AQ Jitterbug would probably close the gap even more.

    I hope this helps :wink:
  3. willowbrook
    As long as the battery lasts as advertised, I'm good. I can just charge it every night :) I've heard about the problems of 2a being randomly shut down and getting really hot during usage. Haven't tried any geek out products, but really don't want to deal with RMAing things. I just need something more energetic. I think your reply was the answer I was looking for. There are couple latest version v2+ inf. ones going around for awesome price, might as well grab those!
  4. peter123

    Sounds good. Fwiw I also find the V2+ to sound better than the 2A, especially from the SE output. I haven't had any issues with any of my three Geek Out products. I really hope hope you'll be happy with it.
  5. Joaco
    What would be the best recommendations for Shure SE846?
    Any great experiences with them? 
    Their impedance is very low (9ohms) and are not suitable for every device.
    DAP recommendations are also welcome.
  6. abdullah1
    I'm subbing
  7. rikk009
    A friend has a Conductor V2 with both PCM 1793 and Sabre 9018 DACs and he never uses the Sabre. Have you listened the PCM version?
  8. peter123

    Unfortunately I've never heard the SE846 so I can't help you with that. I know that the Aune M1s DAP is known for being very good with low impedance IEM's due to its extremely low (non existing?) background hiss and great low gain mode. It does have some caveats though so I suggest to check out the dedicated thread for it.

    Welcome. Unfortunately I'm afraid it will be a bit slow here for a while since I had a fire in my house two weeks back in with a family of six I've got other priorities for a while now :frowning2:

    No I haven't. If he as both DACs he's got the older version of the Conductor though since the new one only comes with the Sabre chip.

    General opinion seems to be that the V2 is a good deal better performing than the original Conductor but I haven't heard the latter myself so can't really say anything about it.
  9. HondoMUC
  10. mgunin
    Peter, thanks for another great work! As an addition, I'd love to hear your opinion about Centrance products (especially DACportable) should this be possible for you.
  11. jeffhawke
    Any chance of adding the Dragonfly Red to the list, as was hinted a few months ago? Particularly compared to the Opus #11. Thanks!
    Bra tråd, are any of the portable ones in this thread compatible with aune m2 pro? It has a line out, and a multifunction port which as far as I know is currently not being used for anything.
  13. Sound Eq
    i have burson v2+ and mojo and what a night and day difference between those 2, I wish to hear burson air and lh geek infinity
  14. Joaco
    Can you please comment on the differences between Burson V2+ and Mojo, please? How would the night and day difference be?
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