Peter123's $250+ amp/DAC combo thread 12 amp/dac's compared

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by peter123, Aug 5, 2016.
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  1. peter123

    Thanks! The m9XX seems unlikely unfortunately. Grace Design are not allowed/able to give out review units from it and Massdrop doesn't seem interested.

    Schiit products in general would be very interesting to include, just need to get my head above the water first, very stressful to build up this thread initially. Should be better when the first batch is finished (4 left) :)
  2. drwlf
    Oh, too bad! Perhaps I'll make a shoot-out later on, when I receive the Jot, and have the time - there seems to have been some discussion in the Jot-thread vs. Mojo/m9XX, but no definite comparisons yet.
    And no stress, this thread is golden already as it is :p
  3. peter123

    That would be very interesting if you get a chance to do it. If it happens feel free to add it or link to it here. The way I figure is the more information we can collect in one place the easier it would be for people looking for a new toy to make their decision. Sharing is caring :wink:
  4. drwlf
    Yeah, it'll happen earliest by the end of the year as I'll be out of the country for a while, couldn't get Jot delivered before my leave, and hey, at least no temptation to drag it along anywhere either!
  5. peter123
    Ha ha, true. If you do get it eventually I'd still love to hear your thoughts about it.
  6. Light - Man
    Peter, good stuff! how does the Opus 11 compare to the Mojo from memory?
    It is less than half the price and is slimmer so would be more pocket friendly as a stack.
    Would it be good enough to be your only Dac/Amp and not leave you yearning or wanting for more?
  7. peter123
    Thanks mate [​IMG]
    From memory I'd say that the Mojo is more laid back, personally I found the Mojo to lack drive and energy in some pairings. I understand that some people doesn't appreciate the treble on the Mojo (too smooth I believe I've read mulitple times) but I actually thought it was it's best part and the best (super airy and seductive) treble presentation I've ever heard. The #11 has better drive, while still being creamy and highly detailed in its presentation. For my prefernce the #11 is a better all-rounder while the Mojo performed better in some pairings if that makes sense. 
    I'd never keep the #11 around with all the other stuff I've got if I didn't like it a lot and I'm not planning to let it go anywhere :)
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  8. peter123
    Puh, this also means that I've been through my initial batch of contenders. Ten of them in three months to be exact. It's been really fun and I've learned a lot but it did also become a bit too much at a time (I've done a lot of other reviews as well during this period). I totally underestimated the amount of companies that would be interested to start with and got a lot of units in within a very short time. I also misjudged how time consuming these kind of reviews are to make compared to something like an IEM or headphone. 
    Anyway I'm really happy to been through this now and I think this thread has a pretty good foundation with this start. From now on I will do one and one unit at a time starting with the LH Labs Geek Out V2A.
    To sum up the intial batch of units I'm impressed with the overall performance of these units in general. Many of them are very very good performers and personal preference, headphones/IEM's to use with it and not the least the features one need will play a very large role in what's the best choice for each individual. 
    If I was to pick my personal favorites (the Conductor V2+ exlcuded) it would be the LH Labs Geek Out V2+ Infinity for portable and the Burson Conductor Air for less portable. The two units that have surpised me the most are the bit Opus #11 and the Resenossence Labs Herus+. They both look very humble but perform like champions. Once again, this is for my personal prefernce I'm sure others will come to different conclusions. 
  9. drwlf
    Thank you for the lovely thread and all your hard work, much appreciated.
    On a sidenote; no Jot yet, and I'll be out of the country again soon, even though I just came back on Fri! *******it. But anyways, regarding travelling - was pleasantly surprised to manage to easily fit the m9XX and the HE-400i to the official HiFiMAN travelling case.
  10. ipromesisposi
    Excellent threat!
    I'm in the market for a competent, affordable, small & pretty (the WAF is important) desktop dac/amp for the difficult HD650.
    Hitherto my favourite is the Burson Conductor Air (his big brother is out of bounds).
    Go, Peter123!
  11. peter123
    Thanks for reading :)

    Nice that you were able to fit all your goodies in one traveling case.


    Yeah, the Air is really an amazing unit. I was extremely close to purchasing my second sample unit although it sounds very similar to the Conductor V2+ but (for once) I came to my senses and passed it on. For desktop use in the $500 range it'd be my top recommendation.
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